Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday...Likud's Internal Elections...

Hi All -

If you thought I would be able to continue the frantic pace of blogging/facebooking/twittering after 8 days straight, you are mistaken :-)

I will continue to update on a daily - semi daily basis....on life in Israel...however, today is a very important day -- the Likud internal "primaries" election.

You get to choose 12 people and then a 13th regional candidate.

The Muqata's endorsements are as follows: (in no particular order)

-Zeev Elkin
-Tzippi Hotovelli
-Yariv Levin
-Danny Danon
-Yuli Edelstein
-Moshe Feiglin
-Keti Shitrit
-Dr. Gabi Avital
The above are all proven defenders of the State of Israel and have pushed for a proud, Zionist agenda.

As you can count, the above is only 8 people.  The following list are options to chose for the following 4...who in my opinion have shown rather good judgement though aren't on the list above.  This list is a mix from "Matot Arim" and personal observations.

Gidon Saar
Ophir Okunis
Gilad Erdan
Yisrael Katz
Ayoub Kara
Emmanuel Navon
Moshe "Bogey" Yaalon
Reuven Ruby Rivlin
Leah Ness
Ophir Okunis
Daniel Tauber

For your 13rth vote -- the  regional candidates -- the following list is from Matot Arim, and I agree with it.

Jerusalem – Moshe Ifargan, 
Galilee – Davidi Harmelin,
Negev – Itzik (Yizhak) Danino;
Mishor haChof - Zadok Cohen,
Moatzot - David Grosberg,
Gush Dan - Yosi Fuchs,
Tel-Aviv - Lior Ben-Ezra.
YESHA, - Yehuda Glick

More updates later....Go out and VOTE!

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Anonymous said...

except for gideon saar, a pretty good list -m

Bruce Epstein said...

I also selected your top eight, plus Ayoub Kara and Leah Ness. My last two choices were Gila Gamliel (118) and Daniel Tauber (125).

Also, you did not list a pick in the Shfela region. The choice here is Meir Malka (340).

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Thanks Bruce!

josh said...

Maybe now is a good time to refresh the fairness of voting in the primaries of a party that one has no intention of voting for. I know people who are Likud members or Mafdal members, yet not voters. I think that these people, the strong Land of Israel supporters (who are more on the Tkuma-Michael Ben Ari side, who have no intention of voting for Mafdal or Likud, are actually screwing themselves. By assisting in making these parties stronger right-wing parties, they actually negate the reason to vote for their real choice and make these two parties more attractive.

Tkuma did real harm to itself in strengthening Naftali Bennet. Now that Tkuma is by itself (without Ben Ari and Eldad), they have become less relevant in negotiating with the Mafdal.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Josh: I have always said that Likud members should vote Likud, and not just to add "righter" wing people to the party.

If Likud Beitinu gets 35 seats at the expense of Bayit Yehudi getting 13, then Bayit Yehudi has lost. Without a strong Likud, the rest of the right wing is irrelavent.

Chosid said...

Ketzeleh made a poignant comment: The Likud are the originators of such gems as the disengagement, building freeze, and removal of outposts. All while talking very big.

There are of course legitimate right wingers in the Likud, but the party as a whole can hardly be called right wing. They are only right wing in relation to Meretz and Avodah. But comparing to extremists skews the representation.

Michael Sedley said...

Why is Gideon Saar in you B list, I would have thought his accomplishments as Minister of Education, e.g., encouraging all school children to visit Chevreon and Jerusalem would put him in your A list.

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