Thursday, January 11, 2007

Affirmative Action in Israel is bad for Science and Technology

As part of the Labor Party's commitment to the Affirmative Action to the Arab sector, MK. Raleb Majadele was appointed as Science, Technology, Culture, and Sports Minister.

So why is this bad for Science and Technology?

Perhaps because Minister Majadele never attended any educational institution past High School.

Granted, there's always the possibility that he's an autodidact like Benjamin Franklin, Robert Frost, Alexander Graham Bell and Horace Greeley.

Somehow...I doubt it.

However, he's not even in the category of college drop (since he never attended college) like:
That would be cool if Israel had a qualified autodidact or techno-savvy college dropout as Minister of Science and Technology. The key word is qualifiied.

So what are his qualifications to be the government Minister of Science and Technology of Israel (a position to advance our successful high tech, medical, bio-tech, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries) -- he's...of Arabic origin.
Israel’s first Arab minister, Science, Technology, Culture, and Sports Minister Raleb Majadele told Ynet Thursday, “I see the appointment as a historic precedent. I couldn’t refuse this opportunity.”

The newly appointed minister did not fail to see the connection between Defense Minister Amir Peretz’s shaky position and his appointment. “The move undoubtedly created sympathy for Amir Peretz amongst the Arab public,” he said. YNET)
Then again...what do you honestly expect from our Defense Minister Amir Peretz who appointed him? His entire qualification to be Defense Minister is that he could run labor strikes and paralyze the country.

Good Luck Israel!

We'll need it...

PS: Please reread this article again if you think this has anything to do with racism. It doesn't.

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Harry said...

Well, not really surprising considering the same applies to many of the current cabinet ministers and manyu more in past governments. I guess this is on thing that all parties - right and left - can agree on. Qualifications don't mean squat. A few current examples.

Eli Yishai, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. No business experience or college education.
Ariel Atias, Minister of Communication. No college education or previous experience in the the sector.
Shalom Simhon, previously a social worker, now Minister of Agriculture.

And lest we forget many years ago, Yitzhak Rabin as the chain smoking Health Minister - my personal favorite.

Man, this is depressing. We are in dire need of political form.

Harry said...

One more thing. I was trying to think of a former cabinet minister who was actually qualified for the job he was appointed to. The only person I could come up with is Benny Begin, an actual scientist!

The back of the hill said...

If he were here, the question would be whether he believed in 'faith based science'.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Affirmative action is bad for everyone. Not just in Israel. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps he's got enough sense to make sure he listens to real scientists when he needs to make decisions. If he's allowed to make decisions. Cabinet ministers under any government generally find that they never make the really important decisions.

Olah Chadasha said...

Jameel, I agree with the fact that I believe that Ministers should be at least semi-qualified for the positions they under-take. I also agree with the fact that affirmative action is a terrible thing and inherently racist. However, you also forgot to point out the fact that the Minister of Communications doesn't even have a TELEVISION in his home. But, some-how, he hasn't done a terrible job. Is this affirmative action, or is it just simply POLITICAL ACTION? Could it be that this Arab minister was appointed because Peretz wants Arab votes rather than some method to place more Arabs in higher positions regardless of skill? I don't really buy that this is a case of affirmative action. I think this is more a case of simple political decisions just like everything else that's done in the Knesset.

JoeSettler said...

The Minister of Communication is probably all the smarter for not having Israeli television in his house.

He also happens to be a very exceptional individual (which is why Eli Yishay is afraid of him).

Cosmic X said...

See what I posted about this.

Lion of Zion said...

so what. as others have pointed out, most ministers lack qualifications for their portfolios.

and if this decision were made merely to curry favor with arab voters, again so what. many party list and cabinet decision are made to appeal to a particular voter block.

as far as his political views, i doubt even labor would let him join if he were another ahmen tibi. and i doubt he is any more leftist than other laborites. so again, so what. (i'd rather have to listen to another arab gush forth with leftist nonsense than another jew do so.)

the the only thing that concerns me is if he is loyal to the state. after that he can be as miserable as every other politician.

Anonymous said...

The current health minister smokes as well Another Olmert mistake - a Health Minister who smokes

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