Monday, January 29, 2007

Tel-Aviv in the Fog.

I don't know who to credit for this picture, since I've gotten it so many times by email. It was taken during the fog yesterday morning, January 28th. I suggest you click it to see the full clarity of the picture.

In the center of the picture is the Azrieli towers (seen below on a sunny day).

To help put things in perspective and give you a slightly better appreciation of the fog picture.

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mevaseretzion said...

Absolutely stunning. How high are those towers?

LT said...

Great pictures...

A few weeks ago, it was just as foggy in NYC. I couldn't even see the tops of buildings two blocks away... there's something I actually really love about the fog.

Anonymous said...

While this makes a fascinating photo,
I got an eeeery feeling when I saw this.
It almost looks like a target R"L.

Michael said...

Those pictures are beatiful; thanks for posting them.

The towers are approx 50 stories; I don't remember exactly.

Liza said...

Amazing shots! Right now in Tel Aviv, the rain is coming down so hard and it's so bleak outside that I can barely see Azrieli at all, and the Sheraton City Tower looks like the haunted building in the movie "Ghostbusters".

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