Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome to the Muqata...

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the Jerusalem Post readers to the Muqata.

If you are a new reader it is probably because you read the Jerusalem Post article where Jameel most eloquently expressed himself. Of course if you are a Jerusalem Post reader its amazing you got here at all, as they spelled the address wrong.

As it happens, I am not Jameel, but rather JoeSettler posting an illegal (out)post, and hoping to use all of Jameel's free publicity to invite you to hop over to my blog too.


Anonymous said...

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They have a cool way a unique way of how to bid on stuff. I like man. If, anybody else has tried these guy's can someone let me know ?

Thanks guy's



Batya said...

wow, an illegal blog post
I read that reference, famous all over, our Jameel is.

Martin Cooper said...

I just had an epiphany; Jameel and Joe Settler are the same person! I mean, how is it that Joe can post to Jameel's web site in a posting which is other than a comment? I hypothesize that Jameel/Joe are like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde--Jameel the cheery, good-guy face of the so-called "faith-based" settler community and Joe the dark, cynical, pessimistic curmudgeon. Schizophrenia in cyberspace! Good job, Joe/Jameel!

tafka PP said...

Tentative Yashar Koach on being featured, "Jameel", even if that was below-average, bog-standard Jpost fare about absolutely nothing. (blogpot, anyone?! Sorry, Joe.)

JoeSettler said...

Martin: Then how would you explain Jack's "travel posts" on the Muqata? Does Jameel have 3 full-time blog identities? Personally I think you're right, but Jameel and Jack would disagree.

Strange, I've never seen myself as a dark pessimistic curmudgeon.

Well, curmuddeon maybe.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Martin Cooper: Yes, you've finally figured out my schizophrenic blog personality. I am JoeSettler, Jack, Dovbear, Orthomom and the XGH bloggers.

In my spare time, I'm also PsychoToddler, Hot Chanie, AskShifra and WestBankMama.

Soccer Dad said...

Actually a lot of people won't come to the Muqata as the JPost has the site listed as

BoneCrusher said...


Having lived in the neighborhood for years I can personally attest to the multiple personality disorder, but why the Palestine(J) Post?

No one that has any interest in accurate reporting would be caught dead reading that wishy washy rag.

This is the same publication that has institutionalized Hebrew illiteracy by providing a 2nd grade level English rag for new immigrants to use as an excuse to not learn Hebrew.

Now they have the audacity to make light of Stanley Fisher's lack of fluency?!

When they dumped Winkey's column I dumped them. You should too!

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