Thursday, January 25, 2007

Despite Olmert, Katzav, Halutz them all, ISRAEL IS AMAZING.

Yes, I could write about President Katzav and the upcoming criminal charges against him. Or I could write about our slimy Prime Minister who called for President Katzav to resign last night (even though there are numerous investigations hanging over Olmert's head and he was also part of the failed war effort this summer). I'm not going to write about Halutz either. If YNET follows up the news scoop I gave them this morning, then maybe I'll have more to write about Olmert, but forget that all for now.

I got a phone call this morning.

Caller: Hi, Who is this?

Jameel: Shalom! You called me...who are you?

Caller: (silence on the line)

Jameel: Hello?

Caller: Well, I'm a soldier.

Jameel: Shalom Chayal! What I can I do for you.

Caller: I found a cellphone and it said to call this number if found.

Jameel: REALLY?! Where are you?

Caller: I'm stationed up North on the Hermon...just found a cellphone in the snow. I turned it on, and there was an SMS msg to call your number.

Jameel: WOW! My son is going to be SO happy, thank you, thank you. You are a tzaddik!

Caller: Well, Im stuck here for 2.5 more weeks before I can leave to send it by mail to you.

Jameel: Give me your number and we'll talk later to work out the details.

If you read this blog, you'll know that my son lost his cellphone on the Chermon snow capped mountain 2 days ago on a school trip and was very upset. I tried getting his phone replaced yesterday, but his phone is out of stock and will maybe be replenished mid-next-week...

So...even if we have pathetic leadership and a media which will attack anything that walks; what makes Israel survive are the PEOPLE.

Whether it's the solider who finds your cellphone and calls to return it, the plata gemach, or the "give their shirt off their back" attitude of so many...I am optimistic that because of the people here, we will survive, flourish, and be a light onto the nations.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Anonymous said...

nice to hear good things about us

talking such gives our nation strength. not just moral and ya, im saying that hashem actually takes heed of your words so the more good you say about our nation, the more hashem will strengthen and add to that good.

our words have that power.

congrats for the cell found.

DTC said...

Wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news! What a relief.

My son lost his cell last summer; we finally gave in and replaced it last month. I'm sure we'll find it during Pesach cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great to hear that the cellphone was found, and it's always heartening to hear about someone doing the right thing.

tafka PP said...

Yay some nice news. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Cool huh? My hubby lost his phone a few months ago, it was returned within days, then a week later his friend lost his teudat zehut, also returned within days, and just today I received a phone call from my friend's cell........only she had lost it last week. It was a woman calling to say she had found it and giving me info where my friend can pick it up!!! It's happening all over this country Jameel........definitely puts on the path of renewed faith in humanity, huh?

westbankmama said...

Nice post Jameel - you are absolutely right - the Jewish people are the reason why we survive.

Sarah Likes Green said...

that's great :)
i'm happy for jameel junior that he will be getting his phone back, and for jameel senior that he doesn't need to hassle with arranging a new one!

Anonymous said...

My daughter said that such a thing would only happen to Jameel, and only because he has a blog. I'm very happy to tell her that it happens to other people. :)

Does everyone know about and

Anonymous said...

Doesn't only happen to bloggers. I've gotten calls reporting my teens' lost cell phones from half this country, from tramp-givers all the way to Rebbitzen Kahane. But best of all was the security guy at the central bus station in Petach Tikvah, who called to say he found a check we had written -- the check my son had had in his pocket and lost on the way to the bank to pay the deposit on his university tuition. Cellphones are one thing--but a 2950 shekel check which wasn't double-lined? Now that's kiddush hashem!

Nedra Weinreich said...

Your story made my day!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well Jameel, didn't I tell you about the 'homing device'?
There it is, a wonderful Israeli up there in the snow!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Clearly this luck of yours is due to you knowing me. My aura simply brings all who talk to me good fortune.

Anonymous said...

Jameel, do you know you got mentioned in the JPost magazine today, p. 21 "Virtual Existence" about the lack of bloggers presenting the settler viewpoint. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear good news amidst all the chaos.

trn said...

How nice!

I liked reading especially of your having exclaimed, "Shalom Chayal!" That made me smile.

Sigh, would that I had moved to Israel back when I had the opportunity.

Once I lost -- get this -- two (or maybe three) one-dollar bills. They had been folded in a particular manner, which could prove to identify the cash as mine. I reported the loss, and the same night got word back that the cash had been found and turned in. Wow.

In the same environment a year or two later, however, I lost a typewriter (!), and it was not returned.

In response to the question you asked earlier: yes, I do feel sad over losing things, even years and years later. (I also feel sad over losses of people, opportunities, and better circumstances.) In fact, I've been lamenting a few of these losses (including that of the typewriter) over the past couple of days.

There are many such losses of items on my list, and in thinking of this now I've realized that each seems to cause me sadness for at least two of the following reasons: sentimental meaning, functional usefulness, the item expresses me, the item brings me joy. Also, if the item was taken from me, I feel anger as well as sadness.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother!

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. Between my son and I we have lost 4 cellphones--never again to be seen or heard from. The lady at the grocery store where I lost my last phone actually laughed at my wife when she asked if anyone had turned it in. My son has lost a good portion of a sporting goods store over the years--nada. Maybe we could have an exchange program for IDF soldiers who are dearly needed in chtuz l'aretz.

Michael said...

What a great story, and good ending to the cell phone saga!

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