Friday, January 12, 2007

Muqata in the news! Thousands rally...

While Krum, Orthomom, Ariella and others bask in the (well-deserved) limelight of their local papers, thousands came to the Muqata! Once again we're in the news.

The US State Department's favorite moderate terrorist group (and that of Kadima and Labor as well), FATAH, celebrated the anniversary of their first botched terror attack against Jews (January 1, 1965...) Makes you wonder why in the world they would attack Israel, if this was before 1967, and the terrible occupation by Israel

In any event, to celebrate the anniversary of their botched attempt of attempting to kill innocent Jews, thousands of Arabs rallied at the Muqata yesterday in Ramalla.

Israeli Member of Knesset, the esteemed Dr. Ahmed Tibi addressed the terrorist supporting crowd:
"The Palestinian struggle will continue until the liberation of all the Palestinian lands and the establishment of a Palestinian state on all the lands occupied in 1967 - chief among them, holy Jerusalem!"
Nice, eh?

Can't wait till we lock this guy up and throw away the key.

hat-tip: my "other" brother, who didn't ruin my birthday.

PostScript: Due to a careless oversight, I forgot that yesterday was "Link to Jack day". I even missed out on the rebound link as well. Jack, I'm SO sorry. Please forgive me! Next week, Friday at 9:00, Just for you, all you can eat muqata-home-made waffles (but you have to bring real maple syrup).

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Jack Steiner said...

Check your eyes my friend, the link is there. Have a good Shabbos.

kasamba said...

But I also want waffles!

Jack Steiner said...

No link, No Waffles. ;)

Michael said...

I can't believe that Tibi hasn't been stripped of his citizenship yet...

Can you imagine the outrage that would happen if a US Congressional Rep stood up and said, "The Iroquois once controlled most of New England and New York. Let's give it back!" or "Texas was unfairly stripped on independence. We need to restore all the lands of the Texas Republic!"

Ya gotta call 'em when they say stupid shit, or they'll just keep spouting it.

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