Monday, January 08, 2007

A most unusual offer.

Got this in my mailbox a few minutes ago.

Religious older couple looking for religious young couple who are willing to give the name חיים אליעזר (after the wife's father) to their newborn baby boy.

A check of 5000 shekels will be given at the baby's brit mila.
For details call: xxxxxxxxx.

(update: please send email here

I guess its sad that this couple has no one to carry on their namesake, and that their only options seems to be the one above.

Then again, I know people who have no clue what to call their kids, so doing a mitzva like this could be a good idea. And if they don't want the money, they could donate that as well to tzedakka.

Plus, it would make an intertesting story for the kid when he gets older and starts blogging.

People: Hey, where'd you get your name from?
Kid: Well, my folks saw this posting on Jameel's blog...
And to all a good night.

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Anonymous said...

ya think its worth having another kid just to get the 5000 shekels?

Ezzie said...

Don't people in Israel often have kids for the money from the government?

Hey, can I get the cash? I'm Eliezer Chaim and I'm not named for anybody...!

Anonymous said...

how sad and yet inventive! Hope they will get lucky and the money will be given to tzdaka (or to Ezzie :)

Anonymous said...

See Jameel?
Not so silly!

touching post

Anonymous said...

Wow - Ezzie

that was really fuuunnny!!

Jack Steiner said...

I am Jack and you are not.

Anonymous said...

It almost makes me want to have another kid. And not for the money - for the chesed. Really!

Anonymous said...

why a yong couple per se, what if it's child number 16 that's named after her father?

kasamba said...

I'm sure someone will step up to the plate!

Michael said...

it sad that they have no one to carry a name, but we all know that someone will step up and do the mitzvah, hopefully, they will also learn a bit about the namesake, to tell the kid.

Something like this is the counterpoint to your post lower down, about agunot; it's the better side of the religious community.

Anonymous said...

Ezzie: not since Bibi's reforms... I don't think anyone has a baby to get another $50/month.

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