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Trivia Quiz: Who is/was the Greatest Settler of them all?

Trivia Quiz: Who is/was "the Greatest Settler of them all"?

a. Ariel Sharon
b. Yehoshua Bin Nun
c. Joe Settler
d. Teddy Kollek
e. Moshe Feiglin
f. Daniella Weiss
g. Noam Arnon

I'm sure you all know who it must be, because Gideon Levy informs us in Haaretz under the op/ed title, "The Greatest Settler of them all"
Among the many obituary notices published by various groups after the death of Teddy Kollek, one group's notice was conspicuous in its absence: the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements. It is a bit difficult to comprehend this ingratitude by the settlers toward the person who brought approximately 200,000 Jews to the occupied territories - perhaps more than any other person. The settlement enterprise owes a great historic debt to Kollek. Neither Rabbi Moshe Levinger nor Hanan Porat nor Aharon Domb nor Ze'ev "Zambish" Hever are responsible for settling so many Israelis beyond the Green Line as Kollek, the enlightened Viennese liberal
In typical Haaretz post-Zionist style, Levy proceeds to lambaste Kollek for allowing Jews to build and live in all parts of Jerusalem.

While many have had negative things to say about Kollek, and some bloggers have done a good job memorializing Kollek's work as mayor of Jerusalem, including his building up of the city...to targeting Chareidim.

Yet, when Haaretz comes out with such a negative portrayal of the man, I'm pleased to add this post to express my appreciation to Kollek (if Haaretz bashes anyone, they are usually undeserving).

The same way that Jews are allowed to live wherever they wish in the free world, may we merit to see many more Jews residing all over a rebuilt Jerusalem (despite Haarertz)

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