Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scent of a...Hizbolla Resistance Fighter?

On Sale in Beirut...it's Eau de Hizbolla Toilette!

The Lebanese Daily Star and YNETnews are reporting a new "unisex" fragrance available over-the-counter in Lebanon, the "scent of resistance" which celebrates Hizbollah's "divine victory" in this past summer's war. (Personally, I think Israel's performance in the war had more to do with inept leaders than a victory smell, but who am I to argue with Nassan Hassralla)

A digitally manipulated picture of a sinking ship, meant to represent the Israeli warship damaged by a Hizbollah missile during the conflict, along with reprints of Nasrallah's speeches and messages from the "Lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons" - are all part of the perfume's package, turning a cover into a political message.

The Daily Star interviewed several demonstrators about their views on the perfume, and while most of them seemed excited about the new scent and its message, some opted not to try it.

As a service to our readership, the Muqata is hereby issuing a "Muqata Travel Advisory" to avoid areas where this product is being sold.


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Anonymous said...

the biggest news, is that perfume is a actually a real product in these arab countries.

The back of the hill said...

Errrrm, sulfur and brimstone?

The back of the hill said...


I just remembered what it reminded me of!

"...nered ve karkom, kaneh ve kinamon - im kol atzei lebonah mor va ahalos, im kol rashei besamim!"

"Ve reyachsalmos-hek ke reyach Lebanon...."

kasamba said...

I smell the stench from here...

Anonymous said...

Well, who knows? Maybe it's one of those perfumes that we keep getting email warnings about...it really knocks the wearer out, so they can be kidnapped/robbed/killed by waiting assailants - I think it's all a Mossad undercover plot!

Or something.

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