Monday, January 15, 2007

Leftover Cholent.

By the time Wednesday evening rolls around, all the Shabbat leftovers are long gone.

The remaining potato kugel the kids didn't finish on Shabbat was gobbled up on Sunday and Monday.

Shnitzel? Forget about it -- it was finished Motzei Shabbat.

The salads trudged on till Tuesday along with the carrot kugel, but disappeared as well. The only thing that somehow never gets leftover cholent.

Now, though I haven't discussed this with AirTime or Ezzie, I have a feeling that most guys have no problem eating cold leftovers. I can eat cold pizza, cold spaghetti and meatballs, cold shntizel...just about cold anything. But even a guy will have his limits.

Leftover Cholent is probably somewhere near that red-line. Cold Leftover Cholent surpasses it.

Is there anything more unappealing than last Shabbat's Cholent, on Wednesday night?

I don't want it to go to waste -- and while the Cholent was absolutely fantastic at Shabbat lunch (and Mrs. Muqata, it was great, as usual!) or at a Five Towns Hot Kiddush (no relation to Hot Chanie) after shul...I just can't seem to down it easily on Wednesday night.

Do you eat Leftover Cholent?

Don't be bashful, spill your guts...

PS: A HUGE Muqata Mazal Tov to the ever-so-funny blogger family, Bec and Phish on the birth of a baby boy!

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Anonymous said...

leftover chulent...
on Wednesday??

(Pity my guts!!!)

Quoth the blogger


Anonymous said...

Jameel- the special ingredient in cholent is Shabbat! That's why it's just not the same during the week. And yes, the cholent at the muqata was great this past Shabbat!

Just for future reference- I gladly accept leftovers :-P Seeing how delicious the food was (thanks again, Mrs. @ the Muqata!), I'm not surprised that they disappear without any extra assistance.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention the shabbos menu sounded delicious??!!
Yay the Muqata and the 'Hot' Chulent!(on shabbat!!)

kasamba said...

Cholent is a mystical food that disintergrates after shabbos.

Anonymous said...

no way. It would take a shalom bayis problem to make me eat leftover chulent on a wednesday... (and it has happened - you know, the Mrs. heats it up and says chulent for dinner. You make a face and she sees. You realize that if you do not eat it, you will be in big trouble..)

Air Time said...

I can go for the cold leftovers, but Chulent, not so much.

Chulent has two chances at being eaten.

Friday Night - Excellent Chulent Time

Shabbat Lunch - Prime chulent eating time.

After lunch, whatever is left gets tossed.

Anonymous said...

I wish the body fat it creates would mystically disintergrate as well

Gee a Moron! said...

Cholent hot
Cholent cold
Cholent in the pot
nine days old.

Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
but no one likes it in the pot
nine days ols

Copyright (C) 1974 at the Young Israel of Cornell

Way back then I used to eat cold cholent on Saturday night after which it was disposed of. It had to be that way because it had all of the previous week's leftovers ini t.

Anonymous said...

Try the microwave.

Anonymous said...

Try the microwave.

Anonymous said...

As a principle I only eat cholent on Shabbes,on other days it's off limits cold or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Cholent? Bad enough on Shabbat. Horrible any other day. And it's not like I'm a foodie or anything--my idea of a good meal is something cold, eaten out of the container, standing in front of the fridge, washed down by a warm two-cents-plain.

Good thing it's Rabbi Moze who does the cooking around here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, MAYBE reheated on a motzei Shabbat, but even I find it hard to believe that Hashem wants us to eat leftover cholent on a Wednesday. That's not "bal tashchit" that's "ushmartem me'od al nafshoteichem". :)

Anonymous said...

Add h2o to the bottom of a pot.Add the "chullent mass", a can of crushed tomatoes with liquid and maybe some wine and herbs. Heat. Now you have reincarnated Shabbos Chullent into hearty week day soup.

Jack Steiner said...

Nope, no, no, no. It is not worth the pain it would cause.

Scraps said...

In my apartment, we throw out leftover cholent. No one is going to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Scraps: I admit it...I eat it sometimes on Wednesdays...even cold.

(And I usually regret it)

Jack: Waffles on Wednesday (leftover from Friday) would still be good, dontchya think?

Gottahaveheart: Excuse me? Cholent Soup? Ungh!!!!!!

Heh...just got a call from someone on his way home from work, who said, "GUESS WHAT I'm HAVING FOR DINNER TONIGHT?"


Gotta go, gotta in Kfar Saba awaits.

Unknown said...

My father does, I used to. But it depends on the type of chulent, really... now, I can't usually do it. I say I will, Serach keeps telling me to... and we end up dumping it the next week.

Unknown said...

Oh - but NOT cold. Uch.

Anonymous said...

It seems I'm the only one who deliberately makes extra cholent to last through the week. My 2- and 4-year-olds can't get enough of the stuff! If we go away for Shabbat, I take the hosts leftovers home. Somehow, they're always happy to give it away.:)

Anonymous said...

Stick it between two slices of bread, add ketchup, and eat it for lunch during the week.

goyisherebbe said...

My wife, who does yoga and is back to being 100% veggie, normally makes veggie cholent, which she eats leftover with great gusto. We usually make a small quantity in the first place. I will eat it as well. Once in a blue moon when some of the married kids are around I do it fleishig (with Matam Chafetz Chaim kishke), then it usually gets almost finished.
My preferred way of eating it is heated in the oven and serving with ketchup. The problem is going to sleep after that for dinner. If we recycled all the leftover cholent Israel could be self-sufficient in natural gas.

daat y said...

My mother would say 'you get fat from aveiros-an aveira ustzuvarfen(to throw out)'-but chulent on Wednesday?cold?That is a mitzvah to get rid of.

Sarah Likes Green said...

cholent is a shabbos food only. and even then, it has to be really, really good or else it's not worth it.

i would go near it during the week. ever.

Anonymous said...

Happy aliyanniversary (love that phrase) Jameel! Love your blog, love the reality and the fuzziness.

Burp! Now for the chulent. We've gone through several versions of chulent. Gone are the beans, the potatoes, the catsup, the spices, the beer, the chilli, and the heartburn. The only one that doesn't lose too much flavor or savor is my own recipe for a chicken chulent of leeks, celery, mushrooms, white rice (not too much), no-skin chicken breasts and filtered water. I use enough water so that at the yom Shabbos seuda, it is more like a thick chicken-rice soup.

Not everyone goes for it, but it doesn't kick back or reverberate, keeps flavor, and doesn't upset my husband (as for me, 'no-way-jose' on leftovers).

The back of the hill said...

I'm not going to mention the ultragoyishe concoction that I make occassionally, save to remark that excepting an absence of even implied kashrus it is as cholenterish as the most chulnter of cholnts.

But four day old leftovers? Shoot, man, I would've had it over rice for Monday or Tuesday dinner. It never would've reached Wednesday. Just add some hot-sauce.

Anonymous said...

Gangaji Reingold said...

my dog loves the left over veggie cholent on wednesday. she likes it better than when its fresh... i think its good for her... but there's just so much left over it seems a waste to throw away... oh well, let go and let G-d.

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