Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Borg

You read it here first (on JoeSettler and the Muqata).

Dozens of Israeli policemen were seriously injured today during a training exercise.

The exercise was a simulation of a riot situation where the police were sent in to regain calm.

Some policemen apparently were unable to differentiate between the real world where they are told to savagely beat protesters and a training exercise against their fellow policemen where they are not supposed to hurt anybody.

Anyway, dozens of policemen found themselves on the receiving end of typical police violence commonly reserved just for settlers.

Dozens of policemen (possibly as high as 54) are being treated for concussions and possibly broken bones after their fellow overenthusiastic policemen confused their training partners with settlers and beat them mercilessly. (source, JPost published after Muqata's and JoeSettler's exclusive update)

Also during the exercise another policeman fell asleep at the wheel while driving, injuring over 30 other policemen.

Do you think there is a problem in the police force?

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Anonymous said...

we dont have a police force - rather a 'please' force.

Anonymous said...

Polease Sir, May I have another?

Anonymous said...

I always find it interesting that a point of commonality between right-wing occupants of unauthorized settlements and Palestinians has been that the Israeli security forces are unnecessarily brutal when attempting to disperse a protest/crowd or clear a home. Yet at the same time - who can forget that these same Jews were the ones to shout the loudest "Let the IDF win" and frequently accussed the security forces of being "too soft" on the Palestinians.

Do you really think these police reserve this kind of behavior for "settlers" only? In October 2000 police ended up shooting dead 13 Israeli-Arabs, all of them unarmed - during the riots/protests - I simply don't believe that the same would have applied to Jews. In fact, I think if any of these wayward "hilltop youth" that were perpetuating violence and who youve written about were Palestinians - I think theyd be 6 feet under by now.

Do you honestly believe that: A) the security forces treat the settlers worse than they do Palestinians or any others B) That the police should be less violent all around or C) That the police should be less violent towards settlers and more violent towards Palestinians for the same behaviors?

Your thoughts?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

ethan: You're mistaken on a few levels. You, yourself just wrote "let the IDF win" -- there's a big difference between the IDF and the Israeli police.

That said, the Israeli police are totally even handed, and the YASAM beat up everyone equally -- including themselves.

The police as a whole should be less violent all around. (option B)

Anonymous said...

Update from an external source: Some sources are saying that the beat up policemen were dressed as settlers and the exercise was to get them out of their homes.

Among the wounds they received are broken bones, bad bruises, wounds to their eyes and one had even a heart failure.

Leah Goodman said...

in a sane world, there would be lessons learned from this mess.

Anonymous said...

it just goes to prove that Forrest Gump was smarter then Israeli cops!

Kae Gregory said...

Obviously the thing to do is, once the injured are healed, redo the exercise with opposite teams. Justice, satisfaction, training - the whole gambit.

Anonymous said...

Doubt it. Those of my family who are police officers constantly spend their time serving people like you - who then sneer at them, because they obey the orders they are given.

It's all too easy - and oh so unpleasant - to laugh. It's when my cousin spends her non-existent overtime comforting a woman beaten senseless by her husband that I think - 'oh wait. I could be doing something more constructive, like writing a blog which takes cheap shots at people who don't do what I do'.

Revolting. It's a cock up. Big deal. Don't gloat.

YMedad said...

If America had the Keystone Kops, why can't Israel?

P.S. During the early Oslo fays, we found out that the Israel Police had been taking training lessons in crowd control from...Germnay.

Anonymous said...


You're an idiot. Yes, they are Israeli police officers - duuuhhh.

Only morons label whole organisations. Only right-wing nut jobs label the Israeli police as you have done.

How on earth Israel will ever become a decent society when people like you pose as responsible and concerned citizens, whilst preaching violence and hate against others who give of their time to serve the state defeats me. You are a Jew who attacks other Jews without knowing a thing about them, and when they have done nothing wrong. You extend your hatred to people with young children, who put themselves on the line every day.
Shame on you.

One of my cousins disarms bombs. He has 4 young kids. He saves lives pretty well every day. He has scars from his toes to his pelvis because of injuries received on duty. And he - to you - is a 'twisted criminal'. You revolting ingrate.

Still, at least you have a nice place here to play with all your little friends. It's good that you have found a home where you feel comfortable - amongst others who moan much and do nothing.

Lurker said...


I am hardly surprised that you would rise to the defense of a group of people who committed the detestable actions documented here and elsewhere, and who injured themselves in the midst of an exercise practicing to commit even more of the same sort of brutality.

You are certainly of their ilk.

Anonymous said...

You don't even have the grace to apologise.

You disgust me. Really.

Anonymous said...

Every basket of bad apples could have a few that haven't gone rotten… yet.

Lurker said...

SM: You don't even have the grace to apologise.

That's funny, neither do you.

Not surprisingly, that's another trait you share with the stormtroopers of the Israel Police whom you so admire.

Like the time I watched a police officer smash a helpless 13-year-old girl's face, as she screamed in terror, until her face was drenched in blood. He didn't apologize.

Or the time I approached a police officer to present a verbal complaint about the violent behavior of another officer. He responded by sneering at me, and then smashing in my kneecaps with his wooden truncheon. He didn't apologize either.

Or the time my pregnant wife approached a police officer and asked him to identify himself. He responded by brutally shoving her backwards over a a trash bin behind her. He also didn't apologize.

Or the time a friend of mine made a similar request of another police officer. He responded by clamping my friend's hand onto an iron fence, and then bending each of his fingers backward, breaking them with loud snaps of his bones. That officer didn't apologize either.

And every time I've watched large groups of Israeli police at peaceful anti-government demonstrations, just prior to engaging in illegal, horribly brutal behavior against women, frail elderly people, children, and even babies -- they first all remove their ID nametags from their uniforms simultaneously, en masse. Even though this is a blatant violation of the law, they've never apologized for it, either.

And just as these many officers -- who are rewarded for this behavior with promotions -- never apologize, neither does the Israel Police as an organization.

So no -- just like you, they don't apologize.

And neither do I.

SM: You disgust me. Really.

That feeling is mutual, I assure you.

mevaseretzion said...

SM, you really are a piece of work.

I work in the mishmar ezrachi, and I heard the macho, tough-guy officer "teaching" us (all far smarter than he) about "professionalism". I stood up and told him that I see no place for the Israeli Police to talk about professionalism after the video-documented police brutality in Amona. His response was, "wait until you stand for a few hours with settlers insulting you and telling you you are a nazi." As if that justifies anything.

The problem is that the system -- the force and the courts, never go after these animals -- they let them continue being police and getting promoted.

SM is unable to wrap his head around the fact that illegal police force is illegal, even if it is against settlers, whom he obviously hates with such a passion.

mevaseretzion said...

to clarify: I meant that the illegal use of force by police is illegal, et cetera.

Anonymous said...

SM: Israel Police brutality and abuse of their power (not to mention connections to organized crime) is well documented. That doesn't mean there aren't good cops on the force.

But, the system continuously rewards those cops that have been particularly brutal.

Lurker said...

mevaseretzion: SM is unable to wrap his head around the fact that illegal police force is illegal...

And that's an especially frightening point, given that SM serves as a judge (a fact that he's fond of bragging about in his comments on DovBear).

Anonymous said...

Settlers moan - and I rejoice. So thank you all.

Police forces the world over are mirrors - they behave to groups of people as those groups behave to them.

The stretch from a few - alleged - incidents to the sort of language used here demonstrates fairly clearly where the truth lies. The incidents are probably lies because the Israeli legal system provides for claims in respect of of such things and a quick search plus a few phone calls reveals none at all. So, in addition to being 'brutally assaulted', these poor people are silent about it - except in places like this where no one questions anything that suits what they want to hear.

This is, in short, a jerk circle. And we know who sits in those. Enjoy yourselves gentlemen. Israel will find its peace without you.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that the KGB acted like a mirror to the the entire USSR population.

Good to know that Assad's police acts like a mirror to Syrian population.

Good to know that Saddam Hussein's police acted like a mirror to Iraq' population.

Thank you for clarifying that in your imaginary world, politicians don't direct the actions of police but instead, the police have no self control and it is all citizens fault.

Lurker included a few examples he (and I and Jameel have) witnessed, so while you can accuse Lurker of lying, we know them as fact. Other incidents have been video documented and reported.

But you're just some big-mouthed nobody anyway, so who actually cares what you think?

mevaseretzion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm not a judge, but I play one on the internet.

Lurker said...

SM: Settlers moan - and I rejoice.

Well, now. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Thank you for enunciating so clearly exactly what you are -- a sadistic, inhuman piece of filth -- and far more succinctly than I could have managed.

And now that you've let us know how you get your jollies, I'd suggest you go back and look at some of the videos in the link I gave you earlier, like the scene at the beginning of this one: You can watch and hear a group of young settlers moan while they're being beaten on their heads repeatedly by a helmeted police officer using a truncheon, as they sit passively and offer no resistance. Play it over a few times for yourself -- it should definitely give you much cause for rejoicing.

Oh, and btw -- if by "settlers", you mean Jews who reside in Judea and Samaria, then I should mention that I'm actually not a "settler". I'm sure that's not important though -- I have little doubt that upon hearing the moaning elicited from my wife and myself by the police during the incidents I described above, you would still rejoice just as much.

SM: Police forces the world over are mirrors - they behave to groups of people as those groups behave to them.

Thanks for that eye-opening insight. I had never before realized that Martin Luther King and the rest of the civil rights protestors in Alabama had behaved with such vicious brutality against the local state police. Or that the non-violent student pro-democracy protestors in Tianenman Square in Beijing had first massacred thousands of police before they themselves were massacred.

SM: The incidents are probably lies...

Of course; I'm just lying, as are the thousands of other victims of Israeli police brutality. I shouldn't have expected any less than that from you, my Lord. No doubt this is also the way you deal with information presented to you in court that fails to conform to your preconceived biases.

SM: ...because the Israeli legal system provides for claims in respect of of such things and a quick search plus a few phone calls reveals none at all.

Yes, I can see that you must have searched very hard. I just now did a single search on Google, which immediately returned the following news articles (among many more), all about brutality claims against the Israel Police -- some brought by MK's who were beaten -- as well as the resulting trials of police officers, and Knesset investigations of the same:

* Cop convicted for assaulting protester at 2006 Amona evacuation
* J'lem court indicts policeman for grievous assault at Amona
* Rights group asks court to suspend cop accused of trampling protester
* Policeman who hit youth during Amona evacuation to stand trial
* Mounted officer charged with Amona assault
* Amona inquiry: Police used excessive force
* Woman injured in Amona sues police
* Senior Border Guard officer faces damages suit
* Knesset approves Amona probe
* Settler trampled by mounted police to be compensated
* Amona commission to summon Olmert
* Officer accused of strangling pullout protestor
* Were settler girls sexually assaulted?
* Public defender takes police to task over Amona
* Policeman indicted for Amona assault
* Two Policemen Guilty of Brutality Against 'Orange' Protestor
* Police on Amona Trampling: 'Horse Had Psychological Stress'
* Violent Amona Cop Turns on Superiors in Court
* Video: Non-Violent Civil Disobedience and Police Response
* MK Eldad at Amona Trial: "They Came to Beat Us Up"
* Police Strip Shirt Off Jewish Mother During Protest
* Trial for Officer Accused of Amona Violence
* Pre-Disengagement Police Beating Nets Boy 25,000 Shekels
* No Criminal Charges Against Policeman who Beat Amona Protestor
* Violent Policemen to Face Disciplinary Hearing
* Legal Forum Challenges Potential Appointment of Shachar Ayalon
* Officer Barred from Demonstrations

Tell me, my Lord, do you put also in this much effort to find the truth when dealing cases that come before you in court?

SM: So, in addition to being 'brutally assaulted', these poor people are silent about it...

Funny, all the people in the news articles above who sued the police didn't seem very silent to me.

But for someone who studiously keeps his head buried in the sand so as not to expose himself to anything that would conflict with his prefabricated beliefs, the whole world must seem silent.

No matter, though. Surely, all these news stories must be lies also, right? (Even the ones from the leftist Haaretz.)

You know, at first I got very indignant, having suffered excruciatingly painful physical abuse at the hands of the police, and then getting told by a hateful, ignorant pompous ass (yourself) that it never even happened. But then, I reminded myself that I don't have it so bad -- after all, I recovered from my injuries. Others -- like Akiva Vitkin, who had his face literally torn open by officer Eran Naim while other officers sat on Vitkin to keep him motionless, or the people who suffered brain damage from monstrous beatings in Amona -- have permanent injuries that will be with them for the rest of their lives. I wonder if you would have the gall to tell even these unfortunate victims to their faces that they are liars, and that nothing ever happened to them. I imagine you would...

SM: ...except in places like this where no one questions anything that suits what they want to hear.

At least that would be one step above you, my Lord, who rejects anything that doesn't suit what he wants to hear.

SM: Enjoy yourselves gentlemen. Israel will find its peace without you.

No doubt. Just ask the men, women, and children of Sderot and Ashkelon, who are already basking in the "peace" that Israel has found by abandoning the Gaza Strip to Hamas. They're living in mortal fear and abject terror, 24/7. That should certainly give you something to "rejoice" about: I'm not sure whether they qualify as full-fledged "settlers" in your eyes (some leftists are already calling for Israel to "disengage" from Sderot), but every single time Kassam missles detonate around them, there's enough moaning going on there to give you an orgasm.

Lurker said...

For some valuable insight into how SM's comment above illustrates the classic excuses made by people who don't want to admit the truth, see this insightful post on DovBear listing the classic, lame excuses made by such people. And notice who wrote the list.

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