Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Likud's Rebirth

It is with gratitude to G-d and a deep satisfaction that I write these words this morning -- after years of hard work, the Likud had the potential this morning to have made a significant return to its commitment to a nationalistic platform, a commitment to the land of Israel, and an awareness of the unique Jewish character of the State of Israel.
The Likud's new list from the primaries is comprised of mostly decent people, many of whom rejected the Disenagegment under the Sharon government, inclduing many open to the acceptance of the manhigut yehudit, Jewish leadership faction. Moshe Feiglin (#20) and his supporters reached realstic spots -- and many of those I urged people to vote for are in excellent spots.

The list is as follows, with those I recommended in orange. (Those in plain bold, I didn't actievly endorse, but are good as well)

1) Binyamin Netanyahu
2) Gideon Sa'ar (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
3) Gilad Erdan (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
4) Reuven Rivlin (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
5) Bennie Begin (Right wing)
6) Moshe Kahlon (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
7) Silvan Shalom (Refused to criticize Manhigut Yehudit, not a Netanyahu Yes-man)
8) Moshe Ya'alon (IDF Chief of Staff, Fired by Sharon for not wanting to carry out Disengagement)
9) Yuval Steinitz (Voted for the Disengagement under the Sharon government, yet acknowledges it was a mistake)
10) Leah Nass (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
11) Yisrael Katz (Mostly voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
12) Yuli Edelstein (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
13) Limor Livnat (Pushed to second woman's spot by Leah Ness, a better candidate)
14) Haim Katz
15)Yossi Peled
16) Michael Eitan (Our best chance for real judicial reform -- could offset Dan Meridor by having a better showing, which is why I voted for him)
17) Dan Meridor (Our biggest danger in the Likud)
18) Tzipi Hotobeli (Excellent new candiadate)
19) Gila Gamliel
20) Moshe Feiglin (Head of the Jewish Leadership, Manhigut yedhudit faction, in a realisitc spot)
21) Ze'ev Elkin
22) Yariv Levine
23) Tzion Piyan
24) Michael Ratzon (Voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
25) Ayoub Kara (Right wing Druze MK - aligned directly with Manhigut Yehudit)
26) Danny Dannon
27) Carmel Shama
28) Ophir Akoonis
29) Ehud Yatom (Mostly voted against Disengagement under the Sharon government)
30) Alali Adamso
31) Yitzhak Danino
32) David Eventzur
33) Keti Sheetrit
34) Miri Regev
35)Sagiv Asulin Manhigut Yehudit Representative
36) Boaz Ha'etzni Manhigut Yehudit Representative for "YESHA" district
37) Guy Yifrach
38) Asaf Hefetz Thank G-d he was relegated to spot #38. Police Chief who was extremely anti-right wing.
39) Yehiel Leiter
40) Keren Barak
41) Danny Benlulu
42) Uzi Dayan Best news of the day. Bibi's ultra leftist who actively supported and helped architect the Oslo Accords -- gets pushed to an unrealistic spot.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

There are other good people on the list above, but I didnt have time to finish the post yet...

Ezzie said...

Does this mean that you wish Likud to get 36-37 or is it still better if they get 40+? :)

DoubleTapper said...

...Netanyahu is promising to continue with the peace process both on the Palestinian and the Syrian tracks. He points to the fact that, during his previous term of office as prime minister (1996-1999), Israel signed the Hebron agreement and that he himself spent a few days in the company of Yasser Arafat, at the Wye Plantation summit convened by Bill Clinton at the end of 1998.


Anonymous said...

What is the kensset list going to look like? The 20-37 seats are being held for minorities, local slots etc... - does Feiglin make the cut?

Anonymous said...

You appreciate that now Feiglin is at number 20, the whole country will be inspired to vote for Likud's direct competitor just to keep him out?

Anonymous said...

Where is Zeev Jabotinsky?!

Gee a Moron said...

It seems that the Likud list has rattled some of the pooh-bahs on the left. The 8AM newscast this morning on Galei Tzahal opened not with "These are the results of the Likud primaries..." but with the slanted "A Kadima spokesperson says that Moshe Feiglin succeeded in setting a right-wing bias to the Likud's list..." The mainstream media is waving Feiglin as the boogeyman to scare voters from voting Likud in February. However, since no one forced anyone to vote any particular way in the primary I would see this as a barometer of the direction in which the general election is heading. The people are not as stupid as the spinmeisters want to believe.

Rafi G. said...

Ezzie - one good thing about it is that if Uzi Dayan and Assaf Hefetz really want to get in, they are goign to have to work hard to make the Likud even more popular and attractive. They will not be able to get in by riding the coattails of the hardwork of guys like Gidon Saar, Gilad Erdan and Moshe Kachlon, and they will not just get in because of their big names. They will have to work to get in.

Anonymous said...

wow, so many blog posts and comments, I was too busy getting out the vote:-)

(from an email to a right wing friend, explaining that I am happy with the outcome)
I will go out on a limb here, and repeat what I believe I've said in public forums, certainly in private ones: even though I would not vote for them in primaries, I have no problem promoting a Likud that has Steinitz, Eitan, and yes, even Meridor, because Likud is a Central-Right party. I think it is beyond any doubt now that it is a Right-Central party.

10 of my 12 national list got in, and 9 of 14 of my "others".
(see http://englishlikud.wordpress.com/)
(actually, 6 of 7 of those were all not reali in the first place, but I wanted to make my friends who did support them feel good).

I supported lechatchila (in various levels of volume) all but 4 of the reali National winners: Limor Livnat, Yisrael Katz, Yossi Peled and Dan Meridor.

I cannot see the numbers, but it is possible that with a few more votes, Leiter might have bumped and switched places with... Feiglin. I now see both recognized each other as their main opponent. If I'd have to choose, I guess I prefer the way it came out. Yehiel will have another chance; had Feiglin not made place #20, he would have been banished to a lower spot and imho that would have been the end of Manhigut Yehudit. Had he scored much higher, it would have put the Likud in a possibly too uncomfortable spot to be able to beat the media's spin, and cooperate with people like me.

I'm sorry that I did not prepare a guess before the primaries, but I think reality is better than I might have guessed.

I expect the Likud to promote itself as a Central Right party, and I think it is - with the Center now back where it should be, with everything to the left of Likud being Left.


Gidon, Merkaz member

Ben Bayit said...

Question of the day - why is Galgalatz playing the morbid "Rabin was Shot" or "Bus was blown up today" music? why do they always play this on "Bibi days"?

Anonymous said...

Who won the olim seats?

Anonymous said...

yes i agree with anonymous lower then 20 wouldve been boring for manhigut and wouldve ruined their drive too high and it wouldve been scary pill to the left establishment to swallow this is hashgocho pratis

now i need muqata to read this article and people to comment it made me very frightened please comment and provide safety it reminded me of scary people who they call their opponents antirevolutionaries people who need to die


Anonymous said...

Netanyahu is trying to disqualify Feiglin. What a loser.

Gee a Moron said...


Given his ongoing antics I now think that Netanyahu is our biggest danger in the Likud.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, let's call him Walid, is of the belief that having successfully packed the Likud with a solid Right contingent, many will still vote for an even purer Right-wing party. If this comes to pass, what has been accomplished? To sucessfully work in the primaries for a vastly improved Likud, and to then not vote for the party you "created", seems to me to render all the efforts practically useless.

Walid's Scrabble friend from Elazar

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Walid's Scrabble Partner: I plan on voting for the Likud.

Shalom Achshav - I wrote about that article in my latest post.

Anonymous wondered: You appreciate that now Feiglin is at number 20, the whole country will be inspired to vote for Likud's direct competitor just to keep him out?

Stop believing the leftists media. In today's recent polls AFTER the media has been screaming for 24 hours straight what a danger Feiglin is, the Likud either remains the same or even gains an additional seat.

Don't worry -- Am Yisrael wants a right wing Likud and a right wing government.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shmilda: Olim seats went to an (21) Zev Elkin and (30) Alali Adamso

Kamagra said...

since no one forced anyone to vote any particular way in the primary I would see this as a barometer of the direction in which the general election is heading. The people are not as stupid as the spinmeisters want to believe.

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