Thursday, December 11, 2008

Israel's Left/Right to Visit Each Other

Israel's extreme Left wing will be visiting Hevron this coming Shabbat.

The visitors will include Gush Shalom, Women's Coalition for Peace, Israel's Organization against house demolition, Ta'yush, Yesh Gvul, and others -- with the intent of "meeting with families that were wounded by settlers from the destruction of the "Peace House'"...and "touring around different places in Hevron" (source)

Not to be outdone, Israel's extreme right plans an Israeli flag march through the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm. The flag march, labeled by the media as an "incitement rally" was approved by Israel's Supreme Court.

Despite the ruling, a number of groups including Meretz, the Kibbutz Movement, Peace Now have called for the cancellation of the rightist rally in the city.
"Chairman of the forum of regional heads in Wadi Ara Ilan Sade said, "The rightists' rally is dynamite that could drag the region and the whole country into violent clashes. We must not allow a handful of extremists to ruin the harmony we have in the region." (source)
Prediction; The visit to Hevron will take place, the flag march in Umm al-Fahm will not.

Would it be nice if we could all just visit each other?

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Michael Sedley said...

Your prediction is almost certainly going to be correct, that lefties will be allowed to march and the righties wont.

You're also right that it would be great if the two groups could sit down and talk together, to paraphrase an old line:

3 men were seen walking arm in arm - on one side was the Head of Gush Shalom, on the other side was the head of Gush Emunim, and who was in the Middle .... Moshiach

Anonymous said...

Feigilin was bumped to 36th? What happened?

Gila said...

Based on your description, the left wing visitors to Hebron are actually planning on, well, visiting. Yes, there are Jews in Hebron, but most of the city is Arab.

I suspect that if the right wing were to actually want to *visit* Ummm al-Fahm--as in speak with residents, get to know them and to introduce themselves--there would not be a problem.

This does not appear to be the intention.

What the hell is up with the flag march? Is it intended to actually accomplish something?

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