Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Holtzberg's

I left work for 30 minutes yesterday to pay my respects to the Chabad couple, Rabbi Gabi and Rivke Holtzberg, who were tortured and brutally murdered in Mumbai, India last week by Muslim terrorists. I drove to Beit Orot neat Har HaZeitim, put on my MDA EMT vest, took my equipment of of my car, and waited at the corner for the procession to pass. Loud Arab music erupted from the corner, so I went to the policeman and told him about it. He seemed unimpressed. I told him that it wass totally disrespectful for music to be blasting as a funeral procession was about to pass, and he had better do something about it.

I think my MDA vest helped, because he actually took me seriously, and forcefully told the Arabs to shut off their music. When they refused, he called over another police car to deal with them; the music ceased and the Arabs dispersed.

A minute later the procession came by. Police cars, MDA ambulances and Hatzala ambucycles led the way, followed by the black vans of the Chevra Kadisha, carrying the bodies of Gaby and Rivkie.

I walked along the sidewalk beside them, thinking about the terror attack. 20 seconds later they were gone, on their way for burial at Har HaZeitim.

Drove back to work, wondering why in every single generation, our enemies continue to pursue us.

May G-d Avenge their deaths - Hashem Yikom Damam.

**see this link about the Holtzberg's.

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