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Final Recommendation List (for now)

The Manhigut Yehudit Website has the following list (which is also listed below)
My recommendations/additions are in Orange.

Every voter MUST vote for 12 candidates on the general roster plus 2 olim on the olim list and one district candidate. Ballots with additional or fewer names will not be counted. Each candidate has a number that will appear on the voting screen. Please vote for the following:

General List

1. Moshe Feiglin (151)
2. Sagiv Asulin (106)
3. Gilad Ardan (107) <--- not my personal favorite, but voted against the disengagement
4. Benny Begin (109)
5. Gila Gamliel (116)
6. Moshe Kachlon (135) <--- not my personal favorite, but voted against the disengagement
7. Osnat Mark (141)
8. Gidon Sa'ar (147) <--- not my personal favorite, but voted against the disengagement
9. Ruby Rivlin (163)

To complete your vote for the General List, you must add another 3 names. Please add names from the recommended candidates list below. If you prefer to replace Begin, Rivlin, Sa'ar, Ardan or Kachlon - all of whom will get in anyway - with other worthwhile candidates, please use the list of recommended candidates below:

Efraim Even (102) David Menna (143)
Yuli Edelstein (103) Bilhah Nissenson (145)
Miriam Erez (108) Leah Ness (146)
Daniel Benlulu (112) Nazia Abdallah (150)
Eli Gabbai (115) Nurit Koren (156)
Zeev Jabotinsky (120) Michael Kleiner (157)
Tzippy Chotobeli (125) Ayub Kara (158)
Ehud Yatom (133) Michael Ratzon (164)
Michael Kafri (136) Zalman Shoval (166)
Moshe Moskal (142) Etti Talmi (170)

Jameel adds: In addition to the above, I am adding:

Miki Eitan
Moshe Yaalon (132)

In addition, please vote for the following two "house" candidates for the Olim list.

Olim List

Shmuel Sackett (211)
Asya Entov (203)

District Voting

Boaz Haetzni (358) Yesha District [or Yossi Fuchs 359)
Keti Shitrit (357) PLEASE VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE: FRED MONCHARSH (355) Jerusalem District
Emanuel Vizer (333) Tel Aviv District
Alon Siso (346) Haifa and Krayot District
Danny Danon (320) Coastal District
Yariv Levin (304) Shfela

Postscript: Jeffrey adds that Zeev Jabotinsky is a good vote. I won't disgree. You could also choose to support any of the anti-Disengagment MKs: (Gidon Sar, Gilad Ardan). If you think that Benny Begin will help us...than he's also a possibility. I haven't finalized my exact list, but till post it around 5 PM.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Jeffrey R. Woolf said...

I am very happy to see that Zev Jabotinsky is on Jameel's list.

I have known Zev personally for a number of years. He's a fine, extremely intelligent, and highly principled person. He is firmly committed to Jewish settlement in in the Land of Israel, and has absolutely no illusions as to the intentions of the Palestinians (and the Arabs, generally). In fact, he has a stunning, and penetrating grasp upon the contemporary geo-political realities that shape our existence in Israel. He was adamently opposed to the expulsion from Gush Qatif and, as a mermber of the Likud Central Committee, was part of the active vocal opposition to Ariel Sharon's betrayal.

In this, he is an unmistakeable and worthy heir to his distinguished heritage, as the grandson and namesake of Vladimir Zev Jabotinsky ז"ל. As opposed to some so-called 'princes', Zev has not and will not ever go 'native.' He can always be relied upon to loyally, and tirelessly, advance Leumi positions.

He knows how to live with the Left. He has lived in a left-leaning town for many years, without compromising his principles, and passed on his beliefs to his children. He is a forceful, level-headed speaker who knows exactly how to effectively make our case in wider fora, and to debate the avatars of the Left. He is respectful of Jewish Civilization and posessses the kind of historical awareness that is critical in representing National Zionism in the wider Israeli community.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, knowing Professor B. Netanyahu and the kind of reverence that Bibi has for the memory of the Rosh Beitar, Having Zev on the Knesset List will, in my opinion, help keep our next Prime Minister (P-G), ideologically hones.

I urge every member of Likud to include him in the list of twelve candidates on the National List.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

did we clarify Chotobeli

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YSRM: Absolutely. We're voting for Chotobeli.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Do you have time to say why you recommend those you do?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

1. Feiglinn (151): To prove if Manhigut Yehudit can change anything in the Knesset.

2. Asulin (106) Running for the young person slot. Not my favorite, (dont think his gelled hair is the epitome of MY ideology) but out of loyalty to MY, will vote for him.

3. Moshe Kachlon (135) Loyal to EY, consistantly voted against the Disengagement.

4. Ruby Rivlin (163) Ditto. And a mentsch.

5. Yuli Edelstein (103) Probably the most MY type person already in the Likud.

6. Bilha Nissanson (145) Physicist and Artist -- ardent supporter of EY. Moved to Gush Katif till the Gerush. Works on behalf of the megurashim.

7. Leah Ness (146) Consistently voted against the Disengagement (as opposed to others who joined Sharon's cabinet as deputy ministers)

8. Tzippy Chotobelli (125) Have heard many good things about her -- (from friends and co-political activists, and matot arim).

9. Moshe Moskal (142) Religous EY activist, lost his son in the second lebanon war. Worked tirelessly against Olmert.

10. Mikki Eitan (104) Outstanding parliamentarian, and our best possible choice instead of Dan Meridor as Justice Minister. He admits it was a mistake for him to vote for the Disengagement, but he's a mentsch who has been helping the megurashim, and will help fight to continue Judicial reform. At the end of the day -- if Meridor is Justice Minister, we can all pack up, because he'll be the one throwing us out of our homes.

11. Moshe Yaalon (132) He'll get in, but I would rather he get a higher position than Meridor to push Bibi rightwards.

12. Stuck between Benny Begin, Zeev Jabotinsky, Michi Ratzon, Gilad Erdan, or Gidon Saar.


Ben said...

For your 12th choice, I'd eliminate Begin and Saar as soft on judicial reform. The other three are all good.

Anonymous said...

Feiglin? Why? He's a rabble-rouser and little more.
He would like the Arabs to leave. Fine. But what if they won't go: he's nver answered what his policy is in that case?
Expel them - so he's a fascist who hides his true colours.
Reach some accommodation - so he's a rabble-rouser who knows that he can't deliver on his promises.
I don't care, frankly, who you vote for, provided you do so for grown-up politicians, and not guys like Feiglin who pretend there are easy answers to difficult questions.
And before anyone jumps on me, do please remember my question: just what is Feiglin's policy if the Arabs refuse to leave voluntarily?

Anonymous said...

Jameel - I've been told by a friend in the merkaz of the Likud that Kachlon is really a nobody that does nothing but knows how to get in with the right people.
This may or may not be accurate - but I don't think the fact the he voted against the gairush is enough. What do you know about him other than that?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The Junior: Hi -- havent seen you around in a while :-)

Why do you think that Feiglin's position is "for the Arabs to leave"?

That's never been his position or that of Manhigut, and I don't know what you are basing it on. I have heard of dozens of proposals over the years from Feiglin and Manhigut of how to deal with the Arab issue -- but I think you are reacting to the typical negative publicity being thrown at Feiglin by people who are scared that he might actually make it into office.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

David: Unfortunately, I dont have overly high regard for most of the politicians in the Knesset -- a tiny minority of them are worthy of being in a position to legislate.

That said, those who have the decency to respect their ideology and voted against the geirush should be "rewarded".

From Likudnik magazine 2005.

"Kachlon is the MK most closely allied with Landau and even headed his campaign when he vied for the Likud leadership. Considered an honest, decent, trustworthy MK, Kachlon apparently won massive support among all of the Disengagement opponents, who admire him for his integrity and frankness."

Anonymous said...

Razon, Saar and Erdan all voted against the geirush, Razon even gave up a deputy minister seat for it. And certainly Saar & Erdan have demonstrated that they are in the "small minority" of legislators who deserve respect.

Anonymous said...

vote for moncharch is right a little weird and overtense but sounds really loyal and ready to follow the line and sagiv asulin with his jelled bald head is right very slick heard about him and his christian funded campaign not cool

Anonymous said...

Fine. So let's hear just one of the "dozens of proposals"? Please pick one which is (a) democratic (b) legal and (c) practical.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

the junior: Ynet has an interview with Feiglin today. I'll post the link in English when they translate it.

Anonymous said...

if it is anything like the last major one he gave (can't recall to whom - jpost maybe?) it will be full of the vague words which are the hallmark of the rabble-rouser. throwing red meat to his supporters, but knowing that he can't deliver.
i await his words of wisdom and insight on this occasion!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

the junior: Its posted above...(under Netanyahu's Challenge)

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