Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mysterious Blast Destroys Iranian Medium Range Missiles

While Iranian President Ahmadinejad prances around his Lebanese colony threatening Israel and the West, foreign media have reported that a mysterious explosion has killed 18 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and a fire is now raging in the storage facility of Iran's medium range Shahab-3 ballistic missiles.
(RTTNews) - More than 18 Revolutionary guards were killed and 14 others wounded in an explosion Tuesday at a base of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRG) Corps in the Western Iranian province of Lurestan, reported Iran's official news agency IRNA Wednesday.

A Deputy Commander of the Corps said that blast resulted from a fire that spread to a munitions depot at the corps's base in Khoramabad, 300 miles southwest of the capital, Tehran, and close to Iran's restive Kurdistan region.

Police and fire-and-rescue teams were rushed to the IRG base and the injured were taken to a hospital in Khoramabad, the agency said.

The base houses underground launching and storage facilities for Iran's medium-range Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, said research group Global Security.

Lorestan Governor General Hassan Shariatnejad visited the injured persons hospitalized and offered his condolences over the tragic incident. Local officials declared a two-day mourning Wednesday and a funeral was scheduled for Thursday.
Kudos to the pyromaniac responsible for the fire.
Update: 1:06 PM Two rockets were fired from Gaza at Ashkelon, resulting in air raid sirens. No reports of injuries, and the rockets apparently landed in open areas causing no damage.

Update: 4:20 PM Police say no rockets hit Israel, despite the eyewitness reports from people who heard 2 loud booms.

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Anonymous said...

where are the accusations that the Joos done it?

Mark said...

Poor Iran, lot's of snafus lately :-) :-) :-)

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