Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Purim @ The Purim Purple Parrot...and other messages

Before I introduce the following parody blog, I would like to clarify a few things.

1. Close to 800 people read this blog yesterday. With such a massive amount of readers, its disappointing that there is so little feedback (even negative). Do you LIKE these parodies? Lot's of people worked very hard on them...shout out to them that you think they are funny! (or not) But let them know they exist! The more feedback, the more likelihood you'll see more parody blogs here tomorrow.

2. There is a (apparent?) parody going around of the "JerusalemDatingMaster" blog. The Muqata blog is rated PG-13, and I will NOT link to this particular parody blog, even though MANY people have requested that I do so. It appeared out of the blue, and it is not part of the official JBlogosphere Purim Carnival. Well, maybe part of the carnival, but they didn't pay the registration fee.

And now...wihtout further ado, we are proud to present:

Crazy Frogs and Mice

This morning I was driving in East Jerusalem and listening to nostalgic hits of the 80s on the radio, when all of a sudden they interrupted the broadcast with breaking news. Apparently there was a recount in the recent Palestinian elections. Hamas had not won, as previously thought. Instead the Crazy Frog had achieved a sudden surprise victory!!!

Things are just going from bad to worse.

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Elie said...

Great job by you and the writers!

Robbie said...

I enjoy them very much. I'm just hoping that someone chose me to do, I'd love to see what they say!

Eliyahu said...

these are mostly far superior to the actual blogs...great work!

Air Time said...

800 people in one day. I wonder how many comments my mad lib posts will bring to Air Time.

It has to be at least that many.

Anonymous said...

no link for the DMJ, huh?

Does that mean YOU'RE the datingmistress...?


Pretty sneaky, if you ask me.


conspiracy theorist

Elder of Ziyon said...

These are lots of fun to read and very funny. Great work, all!

The back of the hill said...

Sorry about the lack of feedback.

For the record, I love the parodies.

Ezzie said...

these are mostly far superior to the actual blogs...great work!

Ouch. :)

tafka PP said...

Yeah- Eliyah, what the hell?!

Although this one is hilarious. But I'm biased!

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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