Monday, January 08, 2007

Disengagement Czar "forced" to leave his kibbutz

Yonatan Bassi, the person appointed by Ariel Sharon to be in charge of the "relocation" of the Jews of Gush Katif, has decided to leave his religious kibbutz (Sedeh Eliyahu) due to the criticism he receives on a daily basis for his role in the Disengagement.

The comment most associated with Bassi that I recall is that he was the biggest believer that the Disengagement would never happen...since his office did nothing to adequately prepare any solutions for the people thrown out of their homes.

Many demand that he not receive an aliya in shul, nor daven for the amud because of his active participation in the Disengagement -- and the ongoing abuse of the refugees under his responsibility.

YNET writes:
Former Disengagement Authority Chief Yonatan Bassi and his wife Naomi decided to leave their home at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu for two years. In a letter sent by Bassi to kibbutz director Meir Lipshitz, the couple admitted that "this decision was harder than the parting of the Red Sea."

For them, their decision was justified by a "relatively large minority of the public who continued to show resentment toward us."
I have much more to write on this issue, but for now, I have to pick up a sick kid from school. Maybe I'll write more about this tonight.

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kasamba said...

It's a lose/lose situation.

Anonymous said...

it is a little taste of midda knegged mida - measure for measure - for him throwing 8000 or so other people out of their homes and communities.

The back of the hill said...

A persecuted Jew.

He should move to the US.... it's a goldene medinah, and many other Jewish refugees have ended up here fleeing persecution in their home countries....

Maybe a church group can take him in.

tafka PP said...

Sela's documented neglect of Mefunei Katif is both shameful and horrifying. Yet that outrage cannot justifiably fall at the feet of one person any more than the outrage regarding the conception of the Disengagement: It was a collective decision- as befits a democracy. Irrespective of the legitimate claims of many people against Sela, the way Bassi been consistently demonized is nothing short of reprehensible.

JoeSettler said...

Yet that outrage cannot justifiably fall at the feet of one person

pp: I agree with this line. More people, and not just Bassi (such as other members of Sela, numerous Ministers and MKs, Peace Now, and a few others I can think of) should be thrown out of their homes and communities after the evil they were involved with if they can't openly apologize and dedicate the next few years of their lives trying to correct the damage they did directly to the people they did it to.

Besides, from what I hear Bassi's vegetable company made quite a bit of money after he killed the competition. Unlike many of the jobs he destroyed and hasn't helped rebuild. He at least can afford to buy a new home anywhere he wants in the world.

It was a collective decision- as befits a democracy

Without going into collective vs. individual responisbilities here, collective decisions in a democracy cannot be not an excuse to hide individual accountability.

(As a side remark, I would then assume that you believe that the Palestinians can then be held collectively responsible for the actions and decisions of their majority elected government and fellow citizens).

Anonymous said...

Viena's Friedman, London's Cohen, and Israel's Bassi are birds of a feather. Bassi was no better than the Jewish Capo charged with implementing the Nazis command. While he may not have kissed Ahmedinajad on the cheek, while he probably was not on Arafat's pay like Meah She'arim's Hirsch... he's no better than they.

8,000 people were left destitute but you can be sure Mr. Bassi is anything but. This is a far cry from middah keneged middah, but it's a beginning. His ignominy will follow him everywhere in Israel and everywhere there are Jews!

tafka PP said...

Joe, we've been here before. I refer you to the answers I gave on collective responsibility last time you asked me the same question.

And sorry, I had to vote for someone else for Best Settler Ever.(You can take the girl out of BA...)

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