Sunday, January 07, 2007

There are no Knishes in Israel

Sunday morning on my way to work, I had an epiphany.

Maybe because I was hungry and needed coffee. Or perhaps it was the noxious tuna sandwich one of my hitchhikers was eating.

Whatever the reason...I was startled by the realization that there are no knishes in Israel.


While many foods from Chutz Laaretz have made it here; pizza, bagels, fast food and even decent pickles -- the knish is still far away.

Why is that? Though it's been years since I've eaten one, I'm reminded that potato knishes -- though they may look appealing as a side dish in a pizza store, actually feel like a brick of potato when they settle in your stomach.

Is the knish a symbol of exile? Could it be?

In Eretz Yisrael, we chose a much lighter alternative... the boureka. With lighter, tastier pastry, the boureka doesn't bloat your stomach.

Available in potato, mushroom, pizza, different cheeses, and in different shapes and sizes (and you can even find milchik and pareve versions), the boureka won't insult you.

It won't compare your friends to Noam Chomsky, nor will it challenge your commenter's observance of mitzvot on your blog.

Accept no imitations. When it comes to Ahavat Eretz Yisrael and Ahavat Yisrael, it's no competition.

Don't choose something heavy named hundreds of years ago by uninformed people, living far from the holiness of Eretz Yisrael - especially when it is only going to give you indigestion.

Go for the one which is tasty, diverse and light unto our nation.


Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Shavua Tov From Eretz Yisrael.


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Anonymous said...

I miss Izzy's Knishes...(Loch Sheldrake). Last time I had them was a year and a half ago with PsychoToddler and his crew.

I like burekas, but I'd rather have some good kasha knishes.

Anonymous said...

subtle, aren't we now?

Anonymous said... I understand...I guess I need to keep up on my comment reading....please ignore the first post :) *blush*

Anonymous said...

Hits the spot. Much like a Bureka (especially Pizza flavor) but unlike a Knish.

Lurker said...

Actually, it's the "burekas" (singular).

Moze said...

"bureka" -- is that like a single roll of "fil" for your (non-digital) camera?

kasamba said...

I actually wrote a song about that...

JoeSettler said...

Izzy's Knishes? No way. Mom's Knishes in Woodbourne was number 1.

Besides. Jameel is wrong.

While there was a store just off Ben Yehuda selling Knishes (until he closed a few months ago) there is still one place in Israel where one can get a good homemade Knish - and that is in this Settler's kitchen once every few months when we need a taste of America and make them ourselves.

Anonymous said...

B"H I haven't really looked lately, but the old, sit-down Gerlitz's in Ge'ulah had knishes. Since then I haven't really gone out of my way to look....

Anonymous said...


Yes, Mom's was best, but that has been closed for soooo long....I would have to say over 10 or 15 years!

My mom works (year round) down the block from where they were.


Sarah Likes Green said...

do you need a 'knish-care package' sent to you?

Lion of Zion said...

i always wondered why te food foods known in america as jewish foods (bagels, knishes, pickles) are so hard to come by in israel (and they are usually not worth buying)

DovBear said...

Well done.

Michael said...

As I started reading, and scrolling down, your post, my first thought was, "What about bourekas?"

And then I read it.

Bourekas. Not just a knish subsitute, but a great breakfast!

My Mom, by the way, makes the very best meat knishes. It's her way of using up all the little bits of left over meat from the freezer every couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Bourekas is for sissies

orthomom said...

I wouldn't worry, Jameel. Knishes are pretty anyway.

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