Friday, January 23, 2009

Bravery Under Fire

I heard this interview live when it took place about 3 weeks ago during the first few days of the IDF Cast Lead operation into Gaza. Captain David Shapira recounted his unforgettable story, when he ran to the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva last year, in response the gunfire he heard.

While the following interview is in Hebrew, it's subtitled into English. Normally, David refuses interviews about the subject, but in light of the war, he thought it would be important to help inspire the troops.

On a personal level, I'm simply in awe.

Four minutes of your time, that will leave you inspired.

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RivkA with a capital A said...

Very moving.

Thanks for sharing.

Lurker said...


We seem to have so many incredible, dedicated, inspiring heroes like David Shapira among us. Every time I see or hear one -- like just now, as I listened to this interview -- I find myself overcome with awe.

And each time, the next thought that occurs to me, after a few moments -- is: When will we finally get to see wonderful, selfless people like these assume their proper roles as the national leaders that we so desperately need?

Anonymous said...

Great video
Going to show it to the husband and kids also, role models to emulate...

yaak said...

This is awesome. Thanks for posting this.

yma said...

Thank you for this.
It had me in tears.
Heroes sacrifice themselves - they do not use or indeed need human shields ...


Anonymous said...

This spirit of modest heroism is the reason why Americans are proud of their support of Israel. I hope our support of Israel will never waver, and Maj. Shapira's family and all Israelis may someday live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, please tell me:

What is the exact Torah passage (Chapter and verse reference) please ?

Best regards, Peter Warner.

the sabra said...

Didn't stop to take the vest....

Peter Warner-

Rafi G. said...

that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Now that is truly the Jewish ideal.


Anonymous said...

i saw that made me proud my son is in the IDF (NAHAL CHARDI)

Yochanan of LGF

Tr8erGirl said...

thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

with all respect, there is a serious mistatement of facts by the narator.
The attack was ON the Yeshiva of Mercaz Harav Kook, in its Library.
Tragically, both students of the Yeshiva & the high school were killed and wounded.
Without starting a polemic, revisionism and false facts reduce the impact of the event.

Lurker said...

To Anonymous @ 10:02 PM:

I don't follow. What was stated incorrectly, and by whom?

Lady-Light said...

I know, I know--everyone's commented already; but, better late than never, right?
This video really brought something home: the Islamic 'love' of G-d, vs the JEWISH love of G-d: the former shows love by murdering and maiming other people in his name. The latter, by SAVING LIVES and PROTECTING OTHERS.
איזה הבדל!

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