Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video: IDF Commander on investigation of death of Gaza doctor's daughters

Israel TV Channel 2, Roni Daniel interviews IDF Golani Battalion Commander Peled about the deaths of Gaza Doctor's AbuElAish's daughters.

The video is close-captioned into English, so you can see a running translation.

You need to click the CC button on the youtube video in order to see it in English.

If your browser isnt letting you see the "CC" option, click on the link here to see the video, and then youtube should let you use the "CC" option. (I hate browser issues)

I assume its only a matter of days before the whole story is released.

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Mark said...

The video is close caption in Hebrew. Since I was not the best student in Hebrew school 35 years ago the clip is not understandable to me. If you get one in english let me know since I have a doctor friend who only knew about the origanal report which blames the childrens deaths on the IDF.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mark -- please press the "CC" button on youtube to see the English subtitles (I worked hard on them -- so at least I hope you get to appreciate them ;-)

Anonymous said...

so let me see if i have this right. the children where killed in another house and then moved to the doctors house to be found?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

lemzia: According to the IDF Commander, The children weren't in the building that was shot at by IDF forces.

Therefore, they must have been killed by Hamas fire, Hamas mortar fire, etc.

Anonymous said...

"I assume its only a matter of days before the whole story is released."
And I'm sure it will be picked by all the MSM worldwide...

As a side note, did anybody else notice the bug with the youtube player, if you play the video with subtitles then choose another video from the menu when the video ends, it plays that video with the subtitles of the first video...

Anonymous said...

let me rephrase-
the children were killed (possibly by hamas) and then moved to the doctors house after the IDF hit the doctors house. presumably another shot at hamas propaganda, since the kids were dead, try to blame the IDF for it.

Gila said...

Based on an article I read about the doctor by one of the people who was trying to help him (in Jpost, no less--hardly a left-wing shill) he was not the type to allow himself to be used as a tool for Hamas propoganda. Whatever happened, he appears to be a good man who just got a terrible deal. I really, really hope that this is not our doing.

Anonymous said...

I have not been the biggest supporter of the Israel action in Gaza BUT I do think the worldwide media do always seem to expect 100% 'good behaviour' from the IDF in war situations. I think there are lots of reasons for this, too deep to go into here. I hope that the proper investigation is done, no cover-ups are entered into and the truth comes out, whatever it may be.


PS - got the English CCs on YouTube. I need to get my Hebrew tip-top!

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