Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 23 of the War, Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 23 of the Gaza War, Sunday, January 18, 2009
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As a general rule we will try and keep operational details to a minimum, that includes troop movements and the exact location of rocket hits. If items are reported in the Mainstream Israeli Media we will report them as well.

11:43 PM Hi people, Jameel here. Sorry, I'm not at liberty to discuss what is currently going on in my area. In other areas of the Shomron this evening, terrorists opened fire on the settlement of Alei Zahav. No injuries. I'm done blogging this evening -- join us tomorrow for another fun filled day of case fire.

10:04 PM JoeSettler here. Jameel had to run as there is an active terror alert in his area. He will post about it (if allowed) when he gets back.

9:56 PM Sorry people - gotta go. Terror alert in my area.

9:40 PM Breaking News. The CAT head scan of the niece of Gazan doctor, Dr Ayash whose 3 daughters were killed in his building reveals conclusively that the shrapnel in her head is NOT from IDF muntions...rather like those from Hamas-used rockets. (Channel 1 TV minutes ago)

7:08 PM Though I reported it last week, the big news today in Israel is the announcement that tremendous natural gas reserves (more than 3 trillion cubic feet) were found within Israeli territorial waters, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Haifa. Reports have started that there is enough natural gas to grant Israel energy and economic independence for generations to come. (more here and here).

Hoping, hoping, this isn't an overestimation (we could use some good news, right?)

6:04 PM
Battle Weary IDF soldiers returning from Gaza.

5:44 PM Hamas issues ultimatum to Israel: Withdraw IDF troops within a week and open the border crossings, or we'll start firing rockets at you again.

5:17 PM
Mortar slams into DoubleTapper's position in Southern Israel (he's called me 3 times yelling at me that I should post it, because his ears are still ringing. No Damage, No Injuries)

3:54 PM
Political Cartoon Roundup (source)

2:48 PM
Israel public opinion is against the "cease-fire". In a Israel TV Channel 2 poll conducted today, 64% of Israelis are against the cease-fire, 27% in favor, and 8% undecided. (source)

2:26 PM
Grad rocket hits house in Ashdod. 1 wounded from shrapnel. (ynet) Sirens did not sound before rocket hit.

2:21 PM
Reports that Hamas is initiating its own cease-fire for a period of a week, to allow IDF forces to retreat out of Gaza.

2:08 PM
Israeli press reports that a Jew was stabbed in the Golders Green neighborhood in North West London, by a knife wielding Moslem who was yelling, "Free Gaza, Free Gaza". The teenager was hospitalized in serious condition. (source). Note; I still haven't found a source for this in the UK news...

1:59 PM
YNET reports that 2 additional rockets fell in the Western Negev region. That makes 12 rockets shot at Israel so far, since Israel's unilateral cease-fire.

1:55 PM
IAF gets high marks -- Hamas hotbed, radical Islamic University in Gaza heavily damaged. Photo gallery here.

1:49 PM
103FM Israeli Radio reports that IDF soldiers left messages in Hebrew in Gaza City on the walls of buildings: "Gilad, We were here. [looking for you]"

1:41 PM
Reports that IDF tanks returned fire in the direction of the rocket launches at Israel earlier today.

12:59 PM
No reports of injuries or damage in rocket attack on Ashkelon minutes ago. (You can ignore the Air Raid sirens, there's a ceasefire...)

12:56 PM
Air Raid Sirens in Ashkelon.

12:46 PM
Mortar rockets fired from Gaza at IDF Erez checkpoint. (Channel B Israeli Radio)

12:23 PM
During the rocket attack on Kiryat Melachi about 40 minutes ago, a rocekt was also launched and landed in the Kiryat Gat area.

12:19 PM
Ashdod Port: Customs seized shipment of humanitarian aid to Gaza, found to be full of weapons, and warfare related electronics.

Some 100 tunnels were destroyed just ahead of the cease fire. Imagine how many more we could be destroying if there was no cease fire.

12:05 PM
Forensic and field reports indicates that Palestinian who died last week after throwing rocks at cars in the Shomron (which resulted in a Settler being mistakenly arrested for murder - but then released after no bullet wounds were found on the victim) actually killed himself.

One of the rocks he threw at a speeding car bounced back and hit him on the head. Now that's poetic.

12:02 PM
Rockets in Kiryat Melachi. Again it fell in a some poor chicken coop.

9:39 AM
Security forces confirm that Hezbollah launched rockets on Israel's North last week via Palestinian proxies.

8:54 AM
Walla reports from Palestinian sources that IDF tank columns can be seen leaving parts of Gaza.

8:39 AM So this is a unilateral ceasefire. Gunfire from Gaza at IDF positions, IDF tank responds with a shell and automatic gunfire (Channel 10, minutes ago). Our IDF troops are now sitting ducks in Gaza, and can only respond to attacks.

8:36 AM Rainbow over Ashkelon this morning.

7:52 AM Reshet Bet reporting that Helicopters are attacking sites in Gaza. Residents of Sderot report they hear the heavy fire.

7:28 AM
From Ha'aretz Flashes last night: 2:52 Muslim chosen to speak at Obama inaugural prayer allegedly tied to Hamas (AP)

7:22 AM We're back. Quiet night in Israel.

2:19 AM
Almost made it to bed, Israel breaks ceasefire as IAF hits rocket launcher about to launch from Northern Gaza. That didn't last very long at all. (Scoop from Rotter)

2:13 AM
Sorry Jameel, but JoeSettler is going to sleep too. I'm exhausted. But tomorrow I may write a new post on JoeSettler that may be half coherent.

2:08 AM Jameel going to bed. JoeSettler might be staying up a bit more. Will continue at a normal hour.

1:46 AM
We're all just waiting for 2:01 AM to see what Hamas does.

1:35 AM
Israel ceasefire will cause huge relief, says Britain
LONDON - British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Saturday that Israel's ceasefire in the Gaza conflict would cause "huge relief".

"There will be huge relief at the announcement by Prime Minister (Ehud) Olmert of the end of Israeli military operations in Gaza," Miliband said in a statement released by the Foreign Office.

1:24 AM
IAF rockets hitting Islamic university in Beit Hanoun area of Nothern Gaza, where many tunnels are believed to be located that go towards Israel.

1:21 AM
Reports of precision IAF targetting on many targets throughout Gaza. Did Israel lull Hamas into a false sense of security, with the objective of wiping out high quality Hamas targets before 2 AM? Details to follow.

1:18 AM
IDF attempting to get in "last licks" before 2 AM unilateral ceasefire goes into affect. IAF jets and helicopters hitting targets in Han Jounis and around the Gaza strip.

1:00 AM
Despite the upcoming unilateral IDF ceasefire, IDF forces are advising Palestinians in Gaza NOT to return to their homes, specifically in Northern Gaza, due to possible flareups in fighting which would needlessly endanger innocent Gazan civilians. (source)

12:46 AM
Newly released IDF Spox photos from IDF operating in Gaza. (source)

12:28 AM
Globalized Intifada -- its not only against Israel anymore. See this link at ZombieTime about Pro-Hamas rage around the globe. The DovBear blog has a link to virulently antisemitic cartoons from Arab press around the globe. I wonder how Neturay Karta feels about such cartoons.

12:24 AM According to this evening's cabinet decision, the IDF will remain in Gaza till the rocket attacks on Israel cease. According to Hamas, as long as the IDF is in Gaza, they will continue their rocket attacks against Israel (and they have been continuing their attacks all night)

No commentary needed.

12:06 AM Grad rocket lands in Ashdod minutes ago -- stuck deep in the road.

12:01 AM It's a new day, Israel has announced a unilateral cease fire, and Hamas in launching multiple rockets against the South. Nothing new.

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the sabra said...

ahhhhh the minutes are going by SOOO slowly!

Anonymous said...

If the outcome of the war depended on your commitment and dedication, we'd be doing very well!
Kol hakavod!

Anonymous said...

Jameel, JoeSettler....

Go to bed, & sleep the sleep of those who have done well. Whatever happens, will be there to report when you awaken.

with love and great appreciation,
Ma Sands

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sabra, Simon and Ma Sands:

Thanks for reading! A good night from all of us...


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the news about the IAF attack at 2:19? I can't find it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Seth: Rotter.

Later in the night Palestinan sources and Al Jazeera also reported IDF activities in that area (and others).

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how Neturay Karta feels about such cartoons."

Well, R' Tzvi Yehudah Kook thought that the Holocaust was a necessary means of getting rid of "galut". So he'd probably approve of these cartoons, as long as they were published outside Israel...

Anonymous said...

Heavy armor is extremely expensive fuel wise to keep in the field for any extended length of time. It's also rough on the equipment and the troops.

The use it or move it point has got to be fast approaching.


Excellent work with the live blogging. Much appreciation for the personal OPSEC.


the sabra said...

If ye find out anything more bout the stabbing in London, can you please share it? Thanks..

Kobol said...

There has been a demostration pro-Israel this morning in Madrid, infront of the israeli Embassy. Thousand of people protesting again Hamas and terrorism and supporting Israel including MP's from the Socialist Party (PSOE) and PP.

More on this link:

Greetings from Madrid!

Anonymous said...

I'm from London, and nobody here has heard anything about a stabbing in Golders Green.......!!

I do live in Stamford Hill, but I've asked my friends in Golders Green and they've heard nothing either.

Jewish Odysseus said...

If this "unilateral ceasefire" idea is serious and not a cynical ploy by Olmert, then it is a breathtakingly stupid decision.

I just hope and pray it is done for propaganda purposes, knowing that Hamas will never ceasefire but continue to attack, and "forcing Israel to return fire."

the sabra said...

"5:44 PM Hamas issues ultimatum to Israel: Withdraw IDF troops within a week and open the border crossings, or we'll start firing rockets at you again."

START firing rockets?

(I'm not monopolizing the comments section, am I?)

Anonymous said...

it is so surreal to see our soldiers on (or close to) the battlefield knowing that they are fighting this in our own country... and not in some foreign exotic locale thousands of kms away.

Anonymous said...

looking for a list of our soldiers and other israelis killed during the course of the war - can you point me to one please? thanks.

Anonymous said...

but Olmert is still there? wasn't he fired?
Today Israel has shown that it's a pathetic country and Olmert its deserved president

I only hope the spirit of Gilat Shalit never lets Olmert sleep again

Anonymous said...

You and Joe Settler are the most amazing, thank you for all the time, effort, extraordinary photos, chizuk & ahuvas Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel. I love the rainbow over Ashkelon.

*reminder about the DVD of Srugim. Thanks, cvm

Kamagra said...

I think that people in war fight with their hearth and with love for their family, i cannot believe that people stayed 23 days in the war,this people have the same rights that us.

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