Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cease Fire Continues - Saturday Night, Jan 31, 2009

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Shavua Tov and Welcome Back.

11:00 PM Rock throwing earlier near Kedumim. 4 cars hit.


8:40 PM
One of the mortars shot at Israel today "misfired" and landed in Hamas controlled Gaza. No injuries or wounded in Israel (source)

8:34 PM
The shooting attack was on an bus near Beit El (close than to Ofra). No injuries, there was damage caused to the armored bus.

8:08 PM
Shooting attack near Ofra. No injuries.

7:25 PM
Reports of 2 Grad missiles hitting Ashkelon this morning at 7AM and 9AM.
Strikes have been unacknowledged by the government.
Siren did not go off for one strike, and was very low in the other.

Shooting attack at Itamar in the the Shomron. No injuries reported.

Major accident this today between Palestinian bus and Palestinian truck. MDA called out. Injured evacuated by MDA helicopter. I (Jameel) am unsure if a medivac helicopter was used -- I know one was ordered... The accident took place at the Ariel junction around noon today.

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Anonymous said...


If all these rockets keep falling, why aren't the right wing parties making a big deal about it?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous: Netanyahu mentions every other day that a swift, massive strike should take place after any single rocket attack.

As of now, we're just sitting ducks.

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