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Day 15 of the War, Saturday, January 9, 2009

Day 15 of the Gaza War, Saturday, January 10, 2009 -- Daily sticky post, constantly updated.

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Please say a prayer for the safety of our soldiers.

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As a general rule we will try and keep operational details to a minimum, that includes troop movements and the exact location of rocket hits. If items are reported in the Mainstream Israeli Media we will report them as well.

11:58 PM The rock throwing reported before on the Trans-Israel highway (Highway #6) occurred at the Eyal junction, near Kochav Yair (and Taibeh and Tirah). Two buses had their windshields smashed.

11:48 PM
Photos from the Front - IDF 101 Paratrooper Unit in Gaza.

Receiving letters from home.

11:21 PM Brave Islamic Jihad Terrorists steal IDF hotdogs (empty plastic wrappers)
"Islamic Jihad' published Saturday evening photos of IDF weapons and equipment allegedly seized by its military wing. The group claims its members collected the loot following heavy exchanges of fire between gunmen and IDF troops barricaded in a house east of Khan Younis.

A statement published by Islamic Jihad's military wing said group members were able to seize a LAW rocket, two-way radios, medicine, and clothes. Photos published by the group also feature empty packages of Israeli hotdogs left behind by IDF troops." (YNETNEWS)

OK, so they have some empty hotdog wrappers, and a "LAW rocket" which you can't even tell from the photo from when it was taken.

On the other hand, the IDF claims they have wiped out whole Hamas battalions of terrorists.

"A senior IDF officer estimated Saturday that roughly 300 Hamas men have been killed since the army launched its ground incursion in the Gaza Strip. The military official said IDF troops were able to wipe out whole battalions belonging to the Gaza terror group. " (ynetnews)

For centuries, captured empty hotdog packages have been a clear sign of victory...

11:20 PM
IAF Jets flying high over the Shomron now (North to South in the West Bank)...additonal reports of IAF Jets also flying over Kiryat Shmona (Northern Israel)

11:07 PM
Lebanon allegedly arrests 7 involved with launching rockets against Israel the other day.

11:06 PM
Arabs in Lod throw firebombs at local Jewish residents.

11:05 PM
Explosion apparently connected to jets and the sound barrier.

11:00 PM
Another loud explosion heard from Gaza.

10:41 PM
Explosion was a direct hit on a 3-story "plastic factory" near the Nusirat refugee camp.

9:56 PM
Very loud explosions heard coming from Gaza. No details yet on what was blown up.

9:26 PM
Additional senior Hamas commander killed in Khan Younis.

9:16 PM
Rock throwing on Route 6.

9:14 PM
IDF reporting that the senior rocket commander was killed because junior Hamas terrorists were too afraid to go outside to launch the misiles.

9:09 PM
Offsite video: Kassam falling right next to a Christian fundraiser in Sderot.

9:02 PM
Kassam falls in Eshkol region.

8:35 PM
"Arabs in Jerusalem on Saturday night threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli police in Arab neighborhoods outside the old city of Jerusalem. No injuries were reported among police. Arabs later set fire to trash bins and began rioting outside the old city. Police also arrested an Arab found to be transporting a large number of rocks, which he intended to distribute to fellow rioters to throw at police. "(INN)

8:33 PM
Be'er Sheva's 11th and 12th grades will have school tomorrow -- classes in bomb shelters only.

8:32 PM
Israel's cabinet overwhelmingly supports ongoing IDF ground op.

8:31 PM
Reports that schools will be open in Sderot tomorrow. (unsure how that jives with reports that Ashkelon schools will be closed tomorrow)

8:20 PM IDF Spox on Channel 10 (Israel TV):

The Cast-Lead counteroffensive will continue to accomplish the following 2 primary objectives:

1.Significantly minimizing Hamas' potential to shoot rockets at Israel
2. Significantly reducing Hamas fighting potential and their weapons infrastructue.

He added that patience will be needed...

8:20 PM
Amir Mansi, Hamas Rocket Commander in Gaza city was killed today by an IAF airstrike.

8:13 PM
Israel is demanding that in an UN sponsored cease-fire, an international presence on the Egyptian side of Gaza mys be set up to prevent weapons and rocket smuggling into Gaza. Obviously the Egyptians haven't done a thing the past 3 years to seriously prevent the smuggling, and no international force in its right mind would go into Gaza to prevent smuggling -- and Chalad Mashal from Hamas already announced that Hamas would not allow such a thing (partially from NRG)

Egypt would be less than happy with such a move, because its a tacit admission that they aren't willing or able to stop the smuggling.

8:09 PM
Channel 10 reports that Hamas claims they have shot 50 kilometer range rockets at Israel from the Gaza/Israel border, at Israel.

8:05 PM
IDF Golani forces killed a Hamas terrorist with a suicide bomb belt on him...Channel 10 reports that top Hamas leaders are fleeing Gaza into Egypt via ambulances...Education ministry says that schools will remain closed tomorrow in Ashkelon.

7:54 PM
Without a doubt these are the best photo collections I've seen so far of the war coverage in Gaza. Here and Here (Boston Globe)

7:51 PM IDF Spox release important video: IAF strikes at Hamas rocket unit inside of UN school compound. Hamas fires rockets at Israel during "Humanitarian" Cease fire.

7:42 PM Updates starting...Shabbat roundup:

till 7:00 PM about 20 rockets feel in Israel. 2 people lightly-moderately wounded. Rockets landed in the usual places, including the farther Ashdod and Gan Yavneh/Gedera areas.

Over the past 24 hours, 12 IDF soldiers were lightly injured in the Cast-Lead operation.

6:55 PM Shavuah Tov (Good Week) - Welcome back. Updates to begin soon.

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Baila said...

Shavua tov to all of you manning the muqata. Looking forward to more of the best coverage on the web.

I've sent lots of friends over to you (from here and the US) who never even looked at a blog (even my own :( )

Thanks for keeping us all so informed.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Shavua tov guys! Chazak be'ematz.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Drat these typos. Chazak ve'ematz.

the sabra said...

Apparently Lebanon has arrested nearly ten people who were involved in the Katyushas that were fired in Nahariya and that kibbutz, last week.

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