Thursday, January 01, 2009


Howdy, Rabbosai,

Some of you might want to know how our pro-Israel counter demonstration last night went. And if you are one of those people, please view this posting:

Anti-Semitic graffiti is showing up in the most amazing places, by the way.
Crap, I didn't even know those hosers could write.

Meanwhile, for those of you residing in the land, keep your peckers up (it's what my dad used to say - I think it means something like be brave, keep a stiff upper lip, or something along those lines).


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Holy Hyrax said...

Mr. Hill

May I call you that? San Francisco is extremely left. Often times there are arguments that its the left that that is usually anti-Israel. When speaking at DB site, they often say its just the right-wing propaganda that has sold themselves as being pro-israel and the left being anti-israel. Seems to me, that there is cause for these feelings beyond propaganda. Your thoughts?

The back of the hill said...

Hi HH,

In part there is good reason for defining it in those terms (right=pro-Israel, left=anti-Israel). But it actually also is a reflection of the dominant political culture in any given area. Here, the left is dominant - so the anti-Israel sentiment joins the left. In other parts of the world, where the right is dominant, a certain measure of anti-Israel sentiment will adhere to the right.

But yes, in general, I would agree that anti-Israel activism is mostly a far-left pond. Here in the Bay Area, most of our enemies are on the far-left. Which is a point of some irritation, as I consider myself left (well, liberal - in the old sense of that word). I would vastly prefer it if the anti-Semites were clearly and identifiably on the very-far-right with all the other bottom-feeders.

In Europe it appears to be fairly equally apportioned. Hatred of Jews and/or Israel has a large segment at either extreme, and a strong representation in the centre. But in Europe the far right has other fish to fry, and is less inclined to open its collective yap about a "problem" that has been largely non-existent since 1940-1945. It is hard to hate the local Jew when the nearest local Jew is now somewhere else. Or at least, it is somewhat pointless. Plus they would sometimes rather keep a lower profile - the European ultra-left does not shy away from pugilism.

The US is still safer, even though the Europeans have passed laws (largely either ineffective or pointless) against anti-Semitism. Which they define as narrowly as possible.

Jehoshaphat said...


You need to high-tail it out of Frisco ASAP and move up from the back of the Hill to a Hilltop here in the Holy Land.

Don Cox said...

I think Marxists are anti-Jewish because they think the Jews are the driving force behind banking and capitalism. But extremists just enjoy hating, and almost anyone will do as a target.

We need to distinguish between left-wingers/socialists in general and Marxists. The key belief of a socialist is in universal suffrage and free elections - government by delegates of vthe people, rather than by monarchs and aristocrats. The Marxists believe in government by a cadre of dedicated Marxists, who know best what is good for the people.

BBJ said...

Hey all. I was at the same demo Tuesday--more fun here in what poor old Herb Caen used to call Baghdad by the Bay.

The Bay Area has a strong liberal bent, although people like Bill O'Reilly have managed to give the impression that the whole area, especially San Francisco, is hard-crazy-left. Not so. San Francisco, for the most part, is a middle-of-the-road mainstream Democrat machine town. We even have Republicans, who are seldom attacked in the streets. (JOKE, people, that's a JOKE.)

Many Bay Area liberals, I would argue, probably have well-intentioned concerns for Palestinian non-combatants, and are not as well informed about the situation in Israel as I would like, but they are not anti-Semites, or malicious. I've dialogued with a lot of people like this over the years, and they are willing to take on new evidence. Their concerns are from the heart.

The people in the street Tuesday night were organized and assembled by International ANSWER. They are hard-core haters, mobilized by anti-Semitic and Marxist forces, absolutely horrible people. They are also, despite their numbers, not making much progress in swaying mainstream liberals to their banner, except by misinformation. I think that the average Bay Area-ite would readily identify these folks as not their cup of tea.

God, though, I do wish that they were neo-Nazis, because then all of my liberal college buddies would be able to identify them as evil, and life would be SO much easier.

Anonymous said...

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