Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another Jewish criminal/terrorist caught and arrested

A Jewish terrorist was caught today on the Temple Mount in the midst of an act of terror and crime.

A young Jewish women (and her father) went up to the Temple Mount today.

The young terrorist was to get married today, so she and her father went up ahead to the Temple Mount ahead of the girl's wedding.

An alert policeman, always with an eye out for criminals and terrorists saw what allegedly happened next - he claims the girl moved her mouth in PRAYER.

The police immediately pounced on the pair and arrested the girl for the crime of PRAYING.

As far as we know, the girl is still in jail, and there is no news if the police will temporarily release this dangerous terrorist in time for her wedding tonight.

Mazel Tov!

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jonathan becker said...

source? come on, you're professionals here, aren't you?

jonathan becker said...

oh sorry i see you have the source linked at your "twitter feed" or whatever i'ts called, over on the right. you should put it in the blog post for us luddites.

jonathan becker said...

ah, but i see when i click on the tinyurl address it takes me back to this post. what gives? nisht kosher, tsk tsk.

Sol said...

phew, I was afraid that she would be on the loose during the big protest tonight in Yerushalayim against the freeze. for all we know, she might have prayed there as well and all hell would break out.

jonathan becker said...

well, i just found it on arutz sheva. much more detailed. it seems the arrest was initially about the fathers actions, not the daughters as you claimed. the treatment of the daughter by the police was atrocious, according to the father. why didn't you just post this link?

you had some excellent snark going there about the "young terrorist", btw. kol ha kavod.

Olah Chadasha said...

Maybe she'll be involved in the prisoner exchange for Shalit. I mean, for this crime, she has more blood on her hands than even Barghouti!

Anonymous said...

I saw the headline on Arutz 7 - our country is sick, we're the biggest dhimmis on the planet.

ProfK said...

Police are going to have their hands full if prayer equals terrorist acts. There are large groups of terrorists in Israel and across the globe who get together three times a day to commit acts of terror. Heck, some people commit these acts of terror before every bite of food they eat, when the awake in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Sheesh, are there no real criminals they can go after?!

Anonymous said...

this is like "oh my God."

reading /between/ the lines.....

it's actully a crime to pray on the Temple Mount, because the argument presented is that the father and bride to be denied praying.

ok. so maybe they weren't praying (which is extremely doubtfull).

but that still doesn't answer the BIG question.

why in he world would it be unlawfull for anyone to pray on the Temple Mount?

you apparently want to blame the Arab policeman for doing his job, but who is really to blame? Did he make the law?

and what about the "signed confession?"

they said they were misled into signing it?!

wait a minute........they are from New York. that means that they were originally Americans (and might still be).

one of the biggest things we teach each other about signing anything is to READ IT FIRST. that's because we're always trying to pull a fast one on somebody, and beat them out of something.

didn't we get that from the Jews?

NormanF said...

It is a crime for Jews to even silently pray on the Temple Mount. Mustn't offend the Arabs even by NOT disturbing them! Only in Israel...

JoeSettler said...

jb: I wrote this right after it happened. I didn't have much else in the way of details at that point.

As you pointed out, A7 now has the entire story up:

Anonymous said...

It is illegal for Jews to pry at the Temple mount (they can pray at the kotel of course) It is also questionable if they are halachicly allowed in that area. I do feel that the ban o praying sounds ridiculous but it is meant to prevent tensions.

Anonymous said...

And can a group of Jewish women pray aloud at the Kotel? I read recently of arrests for that as well.


Alan said...

The ban on praying is not to prevent tension but to placate the racist arabs who are terrified Moshiach will come if the jews pray there.
Deep down they know that the land of Israel has no connection to Islam

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Megan; Women who wish to pray outloud with a tallit have an area allocated to them at the "Kotel Hakatan".

There's no area on the entire Temple Mount allocated for Jews to whisper words of prayer.

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