Monday, December 28, 2009

Michael Oren: "I haven't been waterboarded yet"

by Lurker

Oren: Obama hasn't exerted 'physical' pressure on Israel
US President Barack Obama has not, during his first year in office, exerted any real "physical" pressure on Israel, nor does he see that as a goal, Israel's Ambassador to the US Michael Oren told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.
I guess Oren's lucky that Obama decided to outlaw it...

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NormanF said...

The US has ordered Israel to justify its liquidation of three Fatah terrorists over the weekend. I guess that's not "waterboarding" Israel in Ambassador Oren's book.

Israel is lucky the Obama inquisition isn't bone-crushing - yet.

Neshama said...

As Charles Krauthammer said: It's not what Obama says, WATCH what he does.

Interpol as of 12/16 is now free to do whatever they want to do in the US, and US citizens are not protected by US law from their actions. The Reagan amendment has now been eliminated by Obama.

Big Brother is building his objective one bill, one law, one EO, and one major 'purchase' (transportation, banking, healthcare et al) at a time, all designed for control, so I've read.

Yori Yanover said...

I wish Obama were as competent and Machiavellian as you give him credit for. I thought I was voting for a Chicago thug who would measure up to the Bush-Cheney thuggery. Nechteke tug. The guy is a deer in the headlights. What a transformation, from a brilliant campaigner to a Jimmy Carter wannabe presidency.

As to Obama Vs. Israel -- as long as we sprout J-Streets and as long as our most right-wing government to date continues to pursue Beilin-Sarid policies, why complain about Obama? Like Clinton, he forms his impressions based on what he's told by our rulers. If you voted twice for the man who gave back Chevron and expected different results, who exactly should you blame?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yori: Obama's administration is giving Israel hell over continued Jewish construction in Eastern Jerusalem.

While I'm far from a fan of Bibi or his policies, at least he didnt (yet) capitulate on this issue...which the White House seems intent on making it a big deal as well.

The State Dept requested "answers" from Israel about the IDF killing 3 terrorists on Shabbat.

Why didn't the State Department ask the PA for "answers" about the terror attack on Thursday? After all - the terrorists are Fatah people...

Lurker said...

Yori Yanover: long as we sprout J-Streets and as long as our most right-wing government to date continues to pursue Beilin-Sarid policies, why complain about Obama?

I tend to mostly agree with that. However, since the government does, indeed, pursue "Beilin-Sarid" policies -- in what sense are you calling it "our most right-wing government to date"?

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