Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Settlers Deal with The Building Freeze Inspectors

hat-tip; ER

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Hector said...

"How Settlers Deal with The Building Freeze Inspectors "


"How Settlers Should Deal with The Building Freeze Inspectors"

Either way, the video is an oldie but goodie. Who even cares if the folks in the video are acting or not?

Ben said...

Lol. Awesome vid and would be a good form of protest :)

NormanF said...

Drop the insulting term "settler." Revananter is a lot more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

had to look that word up... a bit mispelled and a bit of an ultra-dramatic-discription.
kudos to the video... can't wait to see the real one;)

jonathan becker said...

@ normanf: it's revenant, not revenanter. i credit yisroel medad with reviving the term, although who knows. it's the correct one, use it correctly.

Neshama said...


Never4Get said...


The biblical commandment is to Settle the Land (Numbers 33:53), so we call ourselves settlers, just as the settlers of Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva and Ra'anana did.

The early establishment was called the Yishuv (settlement) prior to Israel's Independence in 1948.

Israel's Ministry of Interior lists all Israeli towns and cities as Settlements, just look at any Israeli ID Card.

josh said...

I think this was in Elkana. They've turned surprisingly militant this time. Yashir Koach!!!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Josh: Actually, this was in Turkey...not in Israel.

Anonymous said...

12/15/09 - Israeli police officer beaten, injured by settlers

JERUSALEM – Angry settlers beat and seriously injured a female Israeli police officer Tuesday, police said, as she tried to enforce a government ban on new housing construction in Jewish West Bank settlements.

Police spokesman Gil Elhadad said about 100 settlers, most of them teenagers, burned tires and blocked the entrance to the settlement of Tsofit, in the northern part of the West Bank near the line with Israel. He said some of them jumped the police officer and beat her, breaking several ribs. She was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries, he said. He did not give her name or age.

It looks like the squatters got their revenge against the police, who had the nads to do their job (or in this case, ovaries).

Yeah, that's showing the world what "God's Chosen People" are capable of.

They beat a freaking woman, for doing her job.

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