Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lets help Peace Now!

Despite the explicit statement from the government that existing construction can continue in Yehuda and Shomron, the peace-lovin' organization, Shalom Achshav has decided that the government's edict isn't enough.

They are advertising for people who "see illegal construction" going on, to immediately call the special "illegal construction peace hotline" so they can transfer all the information to Ehud Barak's "inspectors."

See the following email which explains it all.


Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) had a press meeting yesterday where they advertised a phone number so that anyone seeing any illegal building in Yehuda and Shomrom can call and report it. We would like to fill up the voice mail to this number with as many phone calls as possible by leaving long messages which report illegal building the nearby Palestinian villages.

Whoever can please record the message and forward this message to as many people as possible. The phone number to leave messages is 1-700-701-967

Good Luck!

Secretariat – Yishuv Neriya

Note, in order that you do not receive a call back, dial *43 before dialing the above number. When you hear a new dial tone dial the above number. This will prevent the voice mail from identifying the caller – in the event and you don't want to be identified by Shalom Achshav.

hat-tip: FC

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Anonymous said...

Should this not also include illegal Arab construction since it would undermine final status negotiations? Just asking.

treppenwitz said...

I just tried. The mailbox is full. :-)

KACH 613 said...

How would I call from the U.S.?

rz said...

For those who have been calling Peace Now at 1-700-70-1967 to report illegal arab building, the mailbox is full. Alternate numbers are (03)6023301 in Tel Aviv or (02)5660648 in Jerusalem. Note, in order that you do not receive a call back, dial *43 before dialing the above number. When you hear a new dial tone dial the above number.

KACH 613, from the US you dial either 011 972 3 6023301 or 011 972 2 5660648

ProfK said...

Just thought I'd toss this into the mix. If you dial #43 so that you can't be identified then the organization cannot/should not use your information k'halacha--you would be considered a "posul eid." Yes, I just checked this with our Rav.

NormanF said...

The Peace Now Fifth Columnists remain obsessed with the number of Jews living in Yesha -the nerve of them! - while ignoring massive illegal Arab construction. They like to lecture about Jewish "racism" while focusing on monitoring only the lawful activities of Jews.

Pot meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, I will provide them with many reports of building in London, UK.

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