Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ariel Sharon's Dream

On Tuesday morning's 8-9 AM show on IDF radio with Niv Raskin, the personal secretary of 6 Israeli prime ministers was interviewed. She is now retired, and she served for 25 years as personal secretary for PMs Shamir, Rabin, Netanyahu, Peres, Barak, and Sharon.

She was asked all sorts of questions, but the most interesting one was; what was the most intimate story shared with you by one of the Prime Ministers.

Without missing a beat, she immediately answered, "Ariel Sharon's dream."

The interviewer asked for more details, and she stated as follows:
Two days before the Disengagement, Sharon had a dream.

He was next to a deep well, hanging over it by a rope.

Hanging over it, dangling.

And then the rope snapped.

And then he woke up.

"He was very disturbed by the dream, and it bothered him alot"
This was the first story that came to her mind.

hat-tip: AS, Yedidya Meiri, Niv Raskin

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NormanF said...

It recalls one of those allegories in the Bible, that is a portent. It turned out to be quite a portent for Sharon's fate and Israel's future over the last four years. Woe befall the man who does not listen to G-d! For He is truly awesome in power and majesty above all the princes and men of lowly station upon this earth.

yaak said...


Devorah said...

That's what I thought: "wow!"

dirtyshirt said...

what was sharons concern? Unless it was a steel cable 12 feet in diameter how could it not snap?

jonathan becker said...

and furthermore, "wow".

KACH613 said...

LOL Dirtyshirt!!

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