Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shawarma Delays Israeli Wedding

I have a bunch of very painful posts in "draft mode"...so I'm happy to present this one in the meantime.

This is why you come to the Muqata -- for quality stories like this.

Hadas and Tzachi Medina from Yavneh planned their wedding down to the smallest detail, together. Yet, they never imagined that minutes before their wedding, the bride's wedding ring would go missing.

The ketuba was prepared and signed, and the bride wanted the ceremony to begin...when they realized the ring wasn't on its pillow (where it was supposed to be for safe keeping).

The drama ensued during long, anxiety laden minutes at the "My Space" wedding hall in Yavneh, as the couple and their families frantically searched for the missing ring. The bride tried to keep from crying, as she didn't want to mess up her perfectly done facial makeup.

The officiating Rabbi tried to buy time by starting to sing.

Just when the nervous bride was about to burst out in hysterics, a waiter who was serving food from the smorgasbord found it -- in the middle of the shawarma he was cutting.

No explanation was given how the ring ended up in the shawarma, yet everyone was relieved -- and the wedding of Hadas and Tzachi continued without a hitch.

As we say here in Israel....החיים בלאפה

sourced from NRG in Hebrew.

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Anonymous said...


Awesome post, I love your blog!!!

I was recently in Ariel, and saw this flower

do you know what it is?

Thank you!!!

Jack Steiner said...

That is a mouthwatering tale.

jonathan becker said...

"facial makeup"? as opposed to, um, what other kind? oh wait it's almost 2010, i don't want to know.

Lurker said...

Let me make sure I've got this straight:

- The ring was openly exposed on a pillow (rather than in someone's pocket), in full view of all those present.

- When it was noticed that the ring was missing, everyone became frantic, searching all over the place.

- As things got more and more tense, one of the workers present announced that he had the ring.

- This worker claimed to have "found it in the shawarma"...

Am I the only one who thinks he's got a pretty good idea about what really happened here?

Anonymous said...

Shawarma at a wedding??? Now that's classy!

Rahel Jaskow said...

One ring to cook it all, one ring to baste it,
One ring to serve it all and at the wedding taste it.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

(Oh -- and word verification was "bouse" -- which happens to be an archaic spelling of "booze.")

Wedding in Israel said...

LOL - yummy.

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