Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pre-Disengagement comes to the Shomron

This morning, Israel's civil administration workers, IDF soldiers, policemen, and Yasam riot police arrived at settlements around the Shomron, mine included, to deliver official notices that the municipal right of issuing building permits has been unequivocally revoked by the State of Israel.

The State of Israel has effectively frozen all building, expansion, and construction -- making it "illegal" to even repave your driveway.

Our municipality sent out SMS messages, emails and beeper messages urging residents to protest -- and many did.

Unfortunately, this seems all to reminiscent of the evil orders from Sharon's government that arrived before the eviction and destruction of Gush Katif. IDF soldiers delivering "official" notice that houses were to be destroyed, and the residents were to be evicted.

Everyone know what happened to those evicted -- that most of them today still have no permanent housing solutions, unemployment is well over 50%, and whole communities were decimated.

And the peace that came as a result was even better; thousands of Kassam rockets. The Kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

And when Israel defended itself, foolishly thinking that having evicted all Jews from Gaza that the world would accept our self-defense strategy -- we received wall to wall condemnation, even from the Honorable Jewish Judge Goldstone.

Wake up Israel.

Stopping Jewish construction in the settlements will bring no peace, no favor from the world, and will only lead to more and more bloodshed and concessions.

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keren said...

The problem is that today they are running around to any one building anything and giving them a notice, even though the ban is only on new starts and that anything with foundations can continue shwing how stupid they are.

Mr. Gerson said...

Keren: They are heavy handed scare tactics.

JoeSettler said...

It's exactly like before Gush Katif.

Did they have the Leftist cameramen with them also, like at the other Yishuvim this week?

Olah Chadasha said...

So sad but so true. Frustration has reached its boiling point. I fear this is going to lead to more and more civil and military unrest. I don't see this ending well. It feels as if the country is being ripped apart at the seams, all in the name of some misguided peace and appeasement.

Have they also instituted a building freeze in the PA? Nope, didn't think so. It's nice to know that freedom and religion exists for everyone except the Jews.

never4get said...

Take 6 wood shipping pallets, they are free from local businesses.

Paint 2 red to match the tile roofs on Jewish homes. Paint the remaining 4 to look like the exterior walls of a house.

Shlep the 6 pallets to the top of a remote hill that is completely inaccessible by any motor vehicle. The longer it takes you to get to the top, the better.

Assemble the new mini settler house (you can use rope, wire, heavy duty electrical cable ties or doubletapper nails to hold them together).

Call the news agencies, email them blurry pictures of the new illegal outpost from you cell phone. They will pass the information on to the authorities who will dispatch the "special" units of 50 or more police to evict the settlers and destroy the new outpost.

Do this 20 times per week in 20 different locations.

Take lots of pictures and videos of the "special" officers smashing tiny homes and post them all over the internet.

This type of action will exhaust the "special" units and reduce their efficacy.

Have fun! When life hands you lemons...

Neshama said...

I'm totally AGAINST this madness.

What they should do is annex Yehuda and Shomron and drop leaflets to tell everyone to get to know their neighbors, and BTW WELCOME TO ERETZ YISRAEL PROPER!

Yori Yanover said...

This unjust law must be challenged, in peaceful ways. In my humble opinion, YoSh municipalities must at once issue permits for mass construction. Protests are for pussies. We should take example from Gandhi and the salt making effort. If hundreds and thousands of Jewish families start adding to their homes, the IDF would be working day and night to dismantle them. But even before the actual construction, construction permits must be issued because the new law is illegal and discriminates against a large segment of the population for political reasons.

jonathan becker said...

i agree with everything you say. but i fear that by resisting inspection/enforcement we play into the government's hands. bibi needs to show the world how his pitiful offering is, in fact, hardwon and therefore valuable. that is, we increase the value of such gestures by resisting them.

oh, what to do, what to do?

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