Sunday, December 20, 2009

IDF war plans against Settlers leaked

A secret 17-page IDF tactical document was leaked to the press that detailed how the IDF plans to use "paralyzing force" against settlers who are protesting the damage and destruction of our communities by the government.

The document describes the use of the Air Force, the Shabak, and other forces, as well as banning reporters from the scene, complete lock down (curfew) on all Jewish towns in the area, and disrupting vital services to the communities under attack.

Meanwhile Gilad Shalit can sit in Gaza forever before the army and government would consider cutting off any vital services to Gaza.

Just plain sick.

More photos if the document can be seen on the Arutz-7 Hebrew site.

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DM Ehud Barak, Military Genius said...

I, Ehud Barak, am the Master of Deception. The world, and particularly Iran thinks I am preoccupied with destroying Settlements and creating a Civil War.

In reality I am using this as an opportunity to openly move around masses of troops, and put planes in the air ahead of my attack of Iran (who is now busy with a border skirmish with Iraq).

I am brilliant.

And in the process of destroying Iran's nuclear arsenal, I will also destroy the Settlements, and Bibi's political career.

I win on every front.

Ha ha ha. No one will dare touch my illegal Philippino workers now.

jonathan becker said...

"leak", hmmm? how about "threat"?

Gila said...

To play Devil's Advocate....haven't the settlers being threatening war for weeks? If the leaks are true, the bluff is being called.

Gila said...

Interesting comment on Haaretz:

"The Human Rights for Yesha organization said the document was "a military operation against the settler public" and would trample on their human rights. It added that as much as the freeze is meant to please the Americans, "the government needs to be reminded that the United States does not take such actions against citizens in its territory.""

Two Words: Little Rock.

The US Government does indeed use the army to enforce the rule of law in the US. Not often, but where needed, it happens.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Gila: The US government didnt freeze housing in Little rock. If they froze one particular area of building and targeted one type of population -- you can be sure there would be a huge outcry.

"Settlers have been threatening war for weeks?" What war are you talking about? I think you need to read less Haaretz.

Olah Chadasha said...

So basically the government is trying to force the issue of which settlements are really serious about staying part of Israel, is that it? Let's declare war on them now, see how many settlers or settlements just pack up and leave, and whatever is left is what we'll take to negotiating table with the PA? I mean, what do they think is going to happen here?

Batya said...

Shades of King Saul and we all know what happened to him.

Shock and Awed! said...

Holy Cow! The government passed a law that overnight turned 300,000 people into instant criminals, and now plans to turn the army on them.

The Defense Minister says, if you do exactly what you're told, we won't use excessive force on you.

And the Prime Minister is no where to be seen.

Has there been a coup?

Shock and Awed! said...

Barak to Settlers:
I'm going to rape you. You decide how much force I'm going to use.

jonathan becker said...

this is not a "leak". again, it is an intentional threat. these bastards can go STRAIGHT to hell. we'll see who, in the end, believes in what the're doing. barak's motives are suspect, even to his friends. i recommend to him that he begin studying torah, starting with b'rashit, and the first rashi there. i believe he is rational enough, in spite of his ego, to "get it".

Gila said...

"The US government didn't freeze housing in Little rock. If they froze one particular area of building and targeted one type of population -- you can be sure there would be a huge outcry."

No, the government forced integration of the public school system--despite the outrage of the Little Rock community. (Many of whom, no doubt, based their objections on the Bible. Don't believe me? Check out the various contemporary writings supporting slavery and/or segregation--the Bible is quoted liberally).

So I think it is fair to assume that there was a hell of an outcry. The government-CORRECTLY- proceeded anyway.

Regarding the settlements--I believe that the various pundits who note that the territories and settlements will be lost by the settlers have a point. Constant battles in defense of ILLEGAL settlements--the random caravans on random hills etc--is only serving to convince many Israelis that we are much better off as a country getting the hell out of the shtachim entirely. Ditto goes for violent demonstrations. Consider, if you will, how the American public responded to 1) the non-violent protests that took place in the South in the 50's and 60's and 2) violent riots that took place in the North. Same problem--racism and discrimination, but two very different means of addressing it.

As so many on the right like to point out, Israel is a democracy. Those of us in the center (like myself) and on the left also have a voice. It is our Israel too.

As for reading the Torah etc--are you sh*tting me???? The Haredim have pretty much spoiled that angle for you. Forget about the fact that Israel is not a theocracy. With all of the garbage pulled and burned by the ultra-orthodox communities, I think it is fair to say that the average Israel (traditional or secular) is not going to be swayed by religious arguments. Remember--these are the same arguments used to justify shirking service, conning the state, not going to work, mehadrin buses, torturing converts and so on and so forth.

Again again again--democracy means that everyone has a voice, including the people you disagree with. The settlers are not a majority here. We have a right wing government now...but the largest political party is Kadima and not Likud.

tafka pp said...

Jameel- what Gila brought up in her first comment isn't just coming from Haaretz. Every news service (yes, including A7, but in the opposite direction) is reporting on the widening rift. Further, listen to the radio or watch any TV news (yes, any channel) and you will see/hear daily footage of belligerent settlers making all manner of delightful threats.

I'm sure some commenter or 5 will now retort about the leftist media, but as someone who is familiar with the wide range of politics and people who live in the Shtachim, for me it is obvious that it really isn't that simple, and I'm sure for you too.

Gila said...

Just thought of another place in which US soldiers were used to enforce the law and (at times) kick people out of their homes. The Territories--Midwest/ West/ "Indian Territory".

Little House in the Prarie may not qualify as a proper historical source, but I do remember the scene at the end of the book in which Pa, having learned that the area that they had built on had been declared Indian Territory, announed that they were leaving immediately. I cannot quote it exactly, but the line was something about he was not going to wait around and have soldiers drive him off.

(Book was reread relatively recently--I borrowed it off a (rather right-wing) friend. Sorry Safranit!)

realRightWinger said...

To Gila -
You might have some valid points but I think you go too far.

Yes we are in a democracy, and the democracy voted in a right wing government - the fact that kadima is the biggest party means nothing - the write wing bloc is larger than the left wing - therefore these days - right wing policies should be implemented not left wing ones.

Mr Barak is leader of a minor party - also the Moratorium calls for ceasing all unbuilt expansion - not for getting rid of all tractors and building materials in Judea and Samaria. The fact that he is over zeolous, is targetting the 'settlers' (IMHO - we are all settlers - even in TA), and also putting up 'war plans' to deal with the civilians as if they are public enemy no 1 - for those who refuse to agree with him - just shows what 'your democracy' means.

If there is real democracy in Israel - it should mean tearing down illegal structures in Wadi Ara, the Negev, etc - and making contingency plans of attack against the arab residents.

Can you imagine the outcry if there was such a war plan against arab civilians in Wadi Ara - and it would be published in the press ? We would get more world opinion against us

So why is it ok ? Because we are jews - and its good to bash Jews if you are enlightened liberal left wing post zionistic Israeli.

By the way - everything Barak has touched has failed - his marriage, the fleeing from Lebanon (giving us Lebanon 2), the labour party (look at the number of seats), being prime minister, (intifada 2), The war in Gaza, Dealings with the Hesder, and this moratorium - I think that the best thing Bibbi can do at the moment is

a) Fire Barak, and
b) Call the Moratorium off - its not enough for the world and Pals anyway.

Democracy in Israel means if you vote right wing - you get left wing, and if you vote left wing, you get more left wing. (I don't know what the solution to this is - but I know Jameel has some opinions).

Bibi at the moment is stuck - if he fires Barak - then Barak would have won - i.e. he shows his party how 'left' he is. If he doesn't fire him - then the real right wingers like myself get p***ed off, demonstrate, shout and yell.

I only hope that this doesn't end in bloodshed - although it probably will.

Sorry for the long post - but have been wanting to rant all day.

Gila said...

Israel is also supposed to be a country in which there is the rule law, which means that if you do something illegal-- setting up an illegal settlement, engaging in violent protests, harassing or outright attacking ones neighbors-- the government is supposed to take steps to rectify the matter. And the citizenry is supposed to support such moves, as opposed to terming the government Nazis etc.

Again--through its refusal to denounce and renouce illegal activities, the settlers have really shot themselves in the foot, insofar as public support is concerned.

Generally at this point, people will bring up Tel Aviv. Well, when was the last time you saw people engaged in violent demonstrations because a rapist had been arrested?

It also bears noting that, so far as I know, there are no plans to raze the houses of any of the Jewish terrorists (accepted for Arab ones). I don't see too many on the right screaming about that inequality. Furthermore, Arabs in the territories do not have the right to vote. Would you correct that as well?

Shock and Awed! said...

The government overnight made the construction of new homes illegal.

If you legally purchased a plot in a settlement, began paying your mortgage on the land, gave the construction company the down payment, and even having all the permissions from all the authorities - if you didn't lay down your concrete in time after that backroom, overnight decision - you are now frozen. Your outlay gone, your money lost, and you're still paying your mortgage.

But hey, in your understanding of democracy, a group of 7 in a backroom can decide to freeze the lives of 300,000 people at a whim.

Shock and Awed! said...

If your democratic gang of 7, or even the entire Knesset legally voted overnight that everyone named Gila should be thrown in jail (without even giving you a chance to change your name), and then sent in violent enforcers to send you there, would you go to jail willingly because that is what was democratically decided or would you protest the unfairness of the law against you?

Anonymous said...

Gila, you are missing the moral point to the whole issue. Democracy is not an end in and of itself, it is a means to just and reasonable governance (of which, to channel the founding fathers of the United States, less was better).

If the democratic government decides unjust or immoral policies, then it has to be opposed by the population. Let's not forget who was executed by the Israeli Judiciary for "following orders" that were decided by a democratically elected government.

Democracy does not mean Just. Every person has a moral responsibility first and foremost to their conscience. Only after that is there a responsibility to democracy.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Gila: Comparing the Palestinians to the Native American Indians is like comparing Hydrogen to Spaghetti.

The Prime Minister and 6 other cabinet members decided to make it illegal for one segment of the population to build -- or even expand their homes. There was no checks and balances in place on this decision, there was no legislation passed -- quite simply, policy was implemented despite it being undemocratic.

While the settlers are numerically a minority in Israel, the majority of the country is pro-settlers.

I build my house, legally, with permits and everything, in a community where the infrastructure was legally licensed and built by the State of Israel. Unlike the rest of the country, it is now illegal for me to expand it -- despite the zoning laws which are in my favor.

Arabs, Christians, and Jews who live anywhere else in Israel are allowed to expand their homes according to zoning laws and building code -- except for Jewish settlers.

THAT is selective, immoral and unethical.

Re: your comment "Ditto goes for violent demonstrations."

Tell me, there are weekly left-wing and Palestinian violent demonstrations, in which IDF soldiers and border policemen routinely get hurt.

Maybe your response should be, "we are much better off as a country getting palestinians and left wingers the hell out of our country entirely?"

Democracy isn't just "majority rules", but that the rights of minorities should be respected as well.

Had the Gang of 7 decided that Arabs shouldnt be allowed to build in the Negev -- what do you think their response would be?

Actually, they are ALREADY illegally building in the Negev...but I guess that's irrelevant.

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