Friday, December 25, 2009

One of Bibi's victims

by Lurker

A painfully sad story:

In 2001, Esther David's son was severely wounded in a Arab terrorist attack.

In 2003 (on her birthday), her husband was murdered by Arab terrorists.

Shortly afterward, another son, who had Down Syndrome, died of a heart attack.

Eight months later, Heftziba went bankrupt after she paid them 700,000 for an apartment they were going to build.

This year, she finally had enough money to try building a home again, so once again, she paid the contractor. But as soon as the foundation was laid -- Netanyahu froze her home's construction (she lives in Ma'ale Adumim).

Read her story here.

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Jeremy said...

Bibi's victims? Get it right-

Anonymous said...

Seems more like very bad luck and bad timing. But I definitely feel sorry for her!


Lurker said...


This woman lost her husband (and nearly lost her son) because of criminally reckless Israeli policies that provided murderous terrorists with weapons, land, and power, and which abandoned the lives of countless Jews to their whims. Not because of "bad luck".

She has now been deprived (again) of the ability to build her home because of a cynical order given by the Prime Minister in flagrant violation of countless promises he made to his electorate. Not because of "bad luck".

Anonymous said...

I though that the restriction doesn't apply if a foundation has already been laid.

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare, what a shambles.

(Best Wishes to you all at Muqata from the UK - stay safe,
from Jx)

jonathan becker said...

lurker- tellin' it like it is. kudos. what a tragic story, and an unfortanately excellent example of what goes on "beneath the radar" of these gov't decisions. "cynical" is a fair word, "selfish" might be better. remember rabin and his "korbanot". feh.

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