Thursday, December 03, 2009

Confidence Building Measures

Man! Netanyahu sounds just like Sharon, Barack and Olmert when he says that the freeze will show the world that Israel is prepared to take painful steps for peace, while the "Palestinians" are not prepared to make peace in return.

Three (3) explosive devices were found in the West Bank today. Two near Beit El (11 pounds, and 6 pounds) on the security road, and one (1) in Southern Gush Etzion (2 pound bomb). The hidden bomb in Gush Etzion also had IDF uniforms stored nearby, as the Palestinian terrorists apparently planned to disguise themselves as soldiers in order to get into a Jewish city or town to detonate it.

Message to Bibi: The "Palestinians" just proved they are not prepared to make peace. You proved your point. Can you stop now?

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Anonymous said...

yeah, you're right about the Palestinians. They ain't agonna make no peace.

But Netanyahu is forced into trying anyway, because if he doesn't, Obama is agonna withdraw support for Israel.

One's a rock, and the other is a hard place. The nation of Israel is caught between them.

So let's see what comes next.

It looks like Obama is agonna be the one who stands up and declares peace anyway (after all his hard work at arm twisting).

Then Israel is agonna reach out and touch someone about their nuclear ambitions.

Then all hell is agonna break loose.

Have a nice day, while things are still somewhat "normal."

Shira said...

It looks like Obama is agonna be the one who stands up and declares peace anyway

I guess that's his prerogative as a Nobel laureate :P

Anonymous said...

"West Bank" is anti-zionist lingo for Judea and Samaria. Don't use the charged and inaccurate lexicon of the anti/post-Zionists. If used at all, it should be "west bank of the Jordan river", and NOT capitalized!

Yori Yanover said...

In my humble opinion, from a US POV, the time of concentrated Obama pressure on Israel was over when the Democratic party lost the gubernatorial race in NJ. I doubt very much that the WH wishes to strain its relationship with the Jewish voting block (78% of Jews voted Obama) over a Palestinian adventure.

Olah Chadasha said...

I love the "painful concessions" facade. That's the equivalent of saying that Israel has no absolutely no moves or "painful concessions" up until now. Expanding on your satire post, how's this for a painful concession? Next week, Netanyahu is going to announce that none of the painful concessions before now has worked in bringing about peace. Therefore, Israel must take further steps to bring the Palestinians back to the negotiating table.

In an effort to bring about peace, Netanyahu announces that Israel is announcing an disengagement from Israel. All Jews will be packing up only what they can carry on their backs and will immediately be escorted by the soon-to-be former Israeli Army to ships and planes that will relocate at predetermined locations overseas, countries that have agreed to take in Jews. After this move is concluded, Netanyahu will sit out and negotiate final status agreements with the PA by taking down the last Israeli flag from the Parliament and handing over the keys and nuclear passwords to PA Chairman Abbas. Oh yeah, and then he will bend over and allow Abbas to kick him as hard as he can in the backside.

Jewish Odysseus said...

I will guarantee that Obama will do everything in his power to sabotage any Israeli operation against Iran, up to and including secret real-time communications with Ahmedinejad to give him whatever data the US military assets in the region get to him (Obama). Therefore, these spineless Likud fools have sold their souls for counterfeit money.


Israel's only option is to conceal the operation from the US military, or hope that a pro-Israel chain-of-command in the Gulf "mysteriously" fails to pass the word up to our first Muslim president (our best chance, IMHO).

How disappointing of Ayalon and Begin, I really expected better from them. Livni wdn't have done worse!

donewithmuqata said...

No, no of COURSE we shouldn't be making any concessions or efforts towards peace with those murderous "Palestinians"! We should carry on living in our hitnahluyot, nay, expanding them wherever possible, and treating our neighbors like second class citizens in a country that they have no connection/rights to (I guess they should be grateful that we employ some of them and don't send them back to Jordan) - THAT'S the recipe for a strong Israel! Who gives a crap what Obama thinks? We don't need US money! Our welfare/education/health systems aren't entirely supported by overseas donations, pah!

So long as we can live freely on whichever hill we choose and tell the Leftists/Secularists to go jump, THAT is how we can guarantee our children's future and the future of our state.

jonathan becker said...

come on, get on your warblogging horse! we're counting on you! stuff is happening, you haven't posted all day. i don't want to have to rely on the msm. what, you too busy building that addition? :) well, that's ok then. or maybe you've been arrested? i just got back from the makolet at my yishuv, the place is crawling with soldiers in full gear. weird.

Anonymous said...

jonathan becker said...

"well, that's ok then. or maybe you've been arrested?"

lol......could be
check out what Joe said in a previous comment recently (on another post).

JoeSettler said...

"But at least Jameel and I have big construction plans in the upcoming weeks. Expect to see it in the news!"

Maybe he wasn't kidding.....
And maybe they weren't either, lmao.

JoeSettler said...

1) What's going on

2) Divided we fall

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