Sunday, December 06, 2009

What's going on?

The staff of the Muqata want to apologize for the sporadic postings discussing the current Saison. For reasons we obviously can't publicize, we are busy doing stuff that is best not discussed in public forums.

We know you want and need to know what is going on, and want to get our analysis. We'll try to provide that as much as we can at the moment.

If you are interested in donating funds to various projects going on, please contact JoeSettler or the Muqata offline (JoeSettler at Gmail dot com, or Muqata at Gmail dot com). The donations will definitely NOT be tax deductible.

You can read an interesting post in the meantime on JoeSettler about a disturbing trend that has once again reared its ugly head in light of the current conflict.

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Anonymous said...

ah.......Jameel did get arrested!

omg........he's a criminal now!

does he still get to be a medic?

are they going to shut down muqata?

enquiring minds wanna know.

they weren't playing, huh.

JoeSettler said...

Jameel was not arrested (yet). Just busy.

Anyone can become a criminal when laws are changed overnight by a group of 7 without checks or balances.

Medic? Yes.

Not as far as we know, unless you mean the real Muqata where Jameel lives. That might be the next step.

Jameel will have a post up later today to tomorrow with exclusive pictures from Kedumim and other settlements showing massive police violence against little girls.

He also has some interesting analysis he will be sharing.

The back of the hill said...

Technical problems with channel seven site. How..... suspicious.

I didn't know yasamnikim had technical know-how, having always beleived that they were merely Israel's own version of Serbians and goons.

If channel seven is NOT up by tomorrow, you can imagine how overheated my imagination will become.

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