Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask a Flotilla Activist a Question

While I have very little reason to believe this will go anywhere useful, DovBear (from the DovBear blog) has requested I publicize this on his behalf.
Mark Daly is the Irish politician who would have participated in the flotilla were it not for the authorities in Cyprus, and one of three Irish parliamentarians who offered to take along letters and parcels for Gilad Shalit. I've been corresponding with the senator by email, and he has graciously agreed to answer some of your questions about the floitlla, Free Gaza, and his involvement with them both. I don't expect he will be appearing in the comments, but he has told me to send him the questions I "feel are most relevant". I will do this, and hope he will reply.
Ask your questions in the comment section of this post by DB.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I understand where this DovBear is coming from. He seems to latch on to the most sticky of issues. Is his backhand issue the so-called 'delivery for Gilad'? If the barbarians didn't let in the so-called humanitarian aid, do you think they would allow anything to Gilad???

Anonymous said...


Taking your term "Useful Idiot" to new heights.

Voice of Hamas.

Gushnik said...

It's about opening your mind and hearing what other people have to say. You might learn something that you didn't know before.

The only idiot is the one who's satisfied with preaching to choir and only hearing and reading what they want to hear or read. No growth, no introspection, but lots of smug certainty.

Anonymous said...

Should he show Goebbels films too. Perhaps invite Ahmadinejad while he's at it.

Open mind and all that, dear chap.

Soccer Dad said...

Why are you doing this. Daly is pretty clearly a BDS supporter as evidence by this exchange with the vile Col. Travers from his own website. DB by giving Daly the time of day is effectively supporting BDS and undermining any claims he has to be "pro-Israel." Remember Daly wasn't going to see Gilad Schalit (even if he hadn't been turned back). Daly wanted to be used to make his flotilla friends seem less anti-Israel.

Jameel you should not be supporting another one of DB's self promoting stunts.

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