Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Videos, including, "I Want to Be a Martyr"

Just released by the IDF Spokesman's office:

"I wanted to be a martyr"

Preparing Weapons on the boats...

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JoeSettler said...

As you saw in the previous videos, the flotilla terrorists used deadly force. That is why some of the soldiers are still in the hospital. As you also heard and saw in the video, the flotilla terrorists did use live fire - first.

There was no disproportionate response from the Israeli side.

Oh, and we're waiting on confirmation on something related to the guns. Hopefully it will be released soon.

Anonymous said...

i know...the people on the boat have now admitted to grabbing the commando's guns

doesnt matter

the ism and their stooges are sticking with the stories that the idf fired first.

however, the more stories that come out, the more everything changes...

hard to get a large group together to work on one story.

we have some saying that there were children on board, but ism members saying that no children were on board.

btw, i wasnt saying that the force used was excessive...i was just pointing out that the terrorists made sure to have weapons that didnt appear to be lethal...even though knives, axes and steel bars are pretty lethal

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