Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EU building PA Army in Jerusalem

Following in the footsteps of the the US’s joint military activities with the PA in Judea and Samaria (in the form of General Dayton’s Palestinian army) the EU has decided to ratch things up a bit higher.

The European Union is planning on creating a similar, independent little army in Jerusalem via the services of the shadowy Saladin Security, a private security/mercenary firm the UK government allegedly uses for activities the UK government/military can’t be directly or officially involved with.

According to YNET, “The project has been arranged by the EU, which intends to train the Palestinians to serve as a highly skilled police force to maintain the order in Arab areas in Jerusalem, and later on across the Palestinian Authority.”

The EU has already begun trying to get gun licenses for their team members in Jerusalem.

Saladin Security (formerly KMS) apparently has a long history of training "fundamentalist Islamic guerrillas".

One can only hope that someone in the Israeli government finds some Sechel and blocks this dangerous, subversive attack on Israel’s sovereignity.

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Yonatan said...

Please tell me they're not going to allow this.

Anonymous said...

>One can only hope that someone in
>the Israeli government finds some

Not having any "Sechel" seems to be a requirement for serving in the Israeli government.

jessie said...

Gods coming back soon..This I'm sure.Be ready world. its going down.

Anonymous said...

God never left!

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