Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terror on Road 443

The Modi'in - Jerusalem 443 highway has been opened to general traffic.

After Israel's Supreme Court ruled that the highway must be opened to Palestinian traffic as well as Israeli traffic, despite the numerous terror attacks, the road has been opened.

If you take that road to Jerusalem (like I do, several times a week), a new and serious problem has arisen.

The IDF moved a checkpoint on 443 from 10 meters south of the Atarot junction to the IDF Ofer base junction. Actually, they didn't move the checkpoint on 443 near Atarot, the IDF abandoned that checkpoint and a built a new one a few kilometers north of it.

So what's the big deal? The traffic light at the Atarot junction.

How can a traffic light be a big deal? If you don't know, highway 443 is a divided highway, 2 lanes in each direction, where the average speed limit is about 90 kph (55 mph). Since the IDF has abandoned the checkpoint, the traffic light has stopped working.

After almost getting smashed by another car yesterday, who was making a left hand turn across 2 lanes of traffic, with a non-operational traffic light, I called up Israel's "National Safety Organization" which is responsible for all safety hazards on Israel's roads. The person on the other end knew right away what I was going to say as soon as she heard, "road 443"

She said; "Its not our fault. We have been trying to resolve the problem of the broken traffic light, but you have to hear the whole story. The light isn't broken at all, but the night the IDF abandoned the intersection, Palestinians stole the electrical transformer for the light.

We immediately called the electric company, which came the next day with a replacement transformer, and the traffic light was operational again.

24 hours later, the new transformer was stolen again by Palestinians.

The police say its not their problem, Maatz say its not their problem, and the electric company is now trying to pick a guarded location for the third transformer, which will take time to be installed..."

I suggested in the meantime, that big signs are posted warning drivers of a dangerous intersection.

Its only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured or killed there.

I guess the Supreme Court didn't think their decision through properly enough.

In the meantime, if you drive to Jerusalem on 443, please be extremely cautious at the Atarot intersection...its a death trap, courtesy of the Palestinians transformer thieves.

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NormanF said...

Have Israel's leftist Supreme Court judges drive the entire route without any protection. If they're going to inflict stupid rulings on the public, it makes sense they should get to experience the effects of their own decisions first-hand. And some are so stupid the Israeli government has simply taken to ignoring them either because they cost a lot of money to comply with, they are evidently counter-intuitive or both. The Israeli Supreme Court is not only held in contempt; few of its rulings truly advance the welfare of society or protect the basic rights of citizens as much as serves the judges' particular ideology - a spectacular case of judicial activist overreach in the Jewish State.

Anonymous said...

I also drive 443 several times a week J'm to Ramat-Gan, and am terrified by this lack of a traffic light.
The theft of the transformer explains something that has been bothering me for years: a short stretch between the Ramallah traffic light and the old Machsom, never has illumination- this must be the explanation!!

Anonymous said...

BTW: I have now made 10 trips the entire length of 443, and have NEVER seen a car with green license plates.

We can thank the supreme court for making our taxes go to building useless fences/barriers, instead of providing free dental care. But, the children of the Supreme court justices probably can afford the dental care (or live abroad....).

Kovi said...

I have to say, that's pretty clever for them palestinians. Very original Jew-killing.

mother in israel said...

Thanks for the warning.

Moderate OJ said...

Why would Palestinians steal a transformer for a traffic light if the road benefits them as well?

That makes no sense at all.

Leah Goodman said...

Posted to Lerner List. Let's see if it makes it past the censors.

Yonatan said...

Palestine4Never - You dream that this will end the Jewish people, nothing could be further from the truth. Even though you feel like you are making headway in having the entire world turn against us, in reality you are helping us to return to Hashem in droves. In the end your hate will be turned against you.


Anonymous said...

Palestine 4ever

if you use a computer that has an intel chip anywhere in most likely was developed in israel

so start the divestment today...toss that sucker out the window

Palestine 4ever said...

Divestment doesn't mean we stop using ALL products made in Israel. It's called SELECTIVE DIVESTMENT. We pick one product or company and boycott them. Then that company will exert influence on Israel to change its policy. Also, other companies will fear that a boycott could hit them. This strategy worked to bring down Apartheid South Africa. We weren't able to stop using ALL products made in South Africa, but rather targeted Coca Cola and other brands. Obviously a selective divestment campaign against Israel wouldn't focus on the hi tech sector. But it would focus on citrus fruits, for example. Europe is a huge market for Israeli citrus. Also, while a boycott of Microsoft wouldn't work, targeting Caterpillar will be effective. What worked in Apartheid South Africa will work in Apartheid Israel.

annie said...

@Palestine4never: So, you'll cleverly divest only from those items that won't harm you personally. LOL! Talk about not having the courage of your convictions!

Actually, targeting Caterpillar. might not be such a bad idea, considering that Hamas used Caterpillar bulldozers to destroy Fatah homes in Gaza.

Of course I'm all for their own self-destruction so I will be buying lots of Caterpillar shares.

By the way, did you know that since the divestment campaign against Caterpillar, their share prices have only gone up? Keep boycotting! I'll be a millionaire very soon!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

To anyone who doubts the authenticity of this posting -- you are encouraged to call the "Chevra Leumit Livtichut Badrachim" at *2120 and ask them yourself why the traffic light on 443 at Tzomet Atarot is not functioning for 2 weeks...

Palestine 4ever said...

Annie, if I were you I would sell all my shares of Caterpillar when the sellings good. It only went up because all the Zionists invested extra heavily in Caterpillar when they learned we were boycotting them. But soon the tide will turn and freedom-loving people will realize what is going on. Then Caterpillar will suffer the fate of all caterpillars. First it will turn into a cocoon and then it will fly away as a butterfly. In other words, it will cease to be a viable company.

Yonatan said...

Palestine 4never - you will cease to be a viable people. Mull that one for a bit.

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