Saturday, June 19, 2010

PayPal - Not if you're against Global Jihad

I'm not going to go into all the details here (you can read it all on their sites), but PayPal canceled the accounts of a number of anti-Jihad reporting sites such as Atlas Shrugs and SIOA (Stop Islamization of America). It labeled them hate sites.

Meanwhile sites that actually do support/finance Jihad (see the above linked articles for details) continue to offer PayPal as an option. CAIR of course applauded the action against the anti-Jihad sites.

A lot of arguments on the PayPal community site, thousands of protest email, followed up with hundreds of people closing their PayPal accounts in protest (and of course stating the reason why) caused PayPal to reinstate the sites ultimately saying they made a mistake in classifying the sites as hate sites.

Meanwhile, a number of bloggers have said they are moving to something called GPal. I don't know much about it yet.

The question I want to know is who was behind trying to classify these sites as hate sites?

It sounds like the kind of action the BDS groups would try to do to shut up those who would expose them.

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TeachESL said...

Read what this newspaper is saying about the Gaza flotilla!

Anonymous said...

They should have their PayPal account canceled.

NormanF said...

Bloggers should consider moving their accounts to other payment sites. Paypal is not only one in the business.

Anonymous said...

salem-news is not a is a jew hating anti israel site created by some radical nutjob in the northwest

as for atlas shrugs...i have some problems with pamela and her site...and she does border on hate speech

but no more than do lots of other sites

Anonymous said...

Not related to the post but is it just me or did the "How much longer will the Freeze go on..." clock get reset or change?
(Last time I looked at it it was 200 nd something)

JoeSettler said...

When I first installed it, the government was saying 10 months without stating an actual date. Around a month ago I put in the actual date which was around 2 weeks less.

But unfortunately, it looks like the Freeze will be extended again, particularly after the White House's latest press release where Obama says he will be demanding additional actions by Bibi in the upcoming July 6th meeting.

More on that in an upcoming post.

neshama said...

Instinctively kept away from PP, after a breach in their security many years ago. Did not like their aggressive marketing. Didn't trust them.

Anonymous said...


I came for the Paypal and am commenting for the July 6 date.

As you and your readers may or may not know (talk about 10 superfluous words!) there is a meeting of the Merkaz Halikud tomorrow.

My money says that the declaration that will be voted on, something like "The Likud reiterates its support of settlement in Judea and Samaria", will pass overwhelmingly, with more than zero behind the scenes puppeteering by the PM, so he will have what to say to Obama (and Israel) in the end-of-the-freeze regard.

Of course, he could have done this much better if he would have let us vote in a new merkaz as we should have already 5 years ago, so there probably is a measure of having cake and eating it too, but I take what I can get..


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