Sunday, June 06, 2010

Erdogan bad. Turkey good?

There's no question that Erdogan is bad. In every sense of the word.
There's no question that he is doing his best to drive Turkey directly into the Axis of Evil. There's no question that he is taking steps that will eventually remove Turkey from NATO, and delink it from the West (well perhaps not Obama personally, but from the US and the rest of the Western world).

The Middle East has traditionally been divided into 3 sectors. The Arabs (the Arab Islamic countries), the Islamists (non-Arab Islamic countries such as Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.), and Israel (the West).

For decades Turkey maintained itself in an unusual, and profitable position. An Islamic country with strong ties to the West.

But with Islamic expansionism on the rise, due to activities by the more hardcore/radical Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, and because of the plummeting influence of the US worldwide, first by not ultimately nor properly responding to the roles of Iran and Saudi Arabia as the source of the problems, and more seriously followed by Obama's obeisance to Islam, his general incompetence, his destruction of US international influence, and his removal of radical Islamic terror (Jihadism) from the US lexicon, the balance of power in the Middle East has changed.

So where once there were 3 sectors playing off both internally, and against one another, we now have Iran who is about to become an Islamic (non-Arab) nuclear power, an aggressive nuclear power mind you, the regional hegemon, placing all the other regional countries (besides Israel) without anyone to balance off against.

So this leaves all the other Islamic-based players in a quandary.

Obama's US is an unreliable ally leaving a political vacuum that Iran is filling. So as a result the rest of the region and even the more independent countries must begin to realign themselves with the strongest and most aggressive regional player.

The Arab countries, in fact, are still hoping that Israel acts aggressively against Iran to rebalance the former Mexican stand-off, but without clear US backing they don't expect that to happen.

Which brings us back to Turkey. Erdogan is a bad man, with a bad political party looking to join with the perceived strongest regional player, some very bad people.

The question is, is the rise of Islamic-based politics in Turkey what the Turkish people really want, or simply where Erdogan is taking them?

Countries have permanent interests, not permanent allies. And it's now in Turkey's interest to align with the Axis of Evil.

But that doesn't mean that all the Turkish people are bad.

The question is, can Turkey be saved from its leadership? Can Turkey be saved from bad US governance?

Six decades of positive ties with Israel are about to end as Turkey goes over the deep end. Will the US (Obama) lose Turkey, just like it (Carter) lost Iran?

It would appear so.

Yet despite that, we see that the Iranian people now want out,they want their freedom back from the Khomeiniests running their country.

Obama didn't step up to bat and help the Iranian people when they cried out for assistance. Turkey saw that. The entire Islamic world saw that.

The Turkish people can be saved from their situation only if the US government steps up to the plate.

Unfortunately there is no indication that Obama will do that, so in a few decades from now there will be a popular Turkish uprising, and hopefully whatever country is the world power then will step up and bring the good Turkish people back to civilization.

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Shira said...

Obama didn't step up to bat and help the Iranian people when they cried out for assistance.

Why should he? He already won the Nobel Peace Prize.

NormanF said...

The Turks voted for Islamism. Turkey's bid to join Europe was always a long shot but now its practically zero. No one in Europe wants a radical Muslim nation in the European Union and Erdogan has given Turkey's critics in Europe the best argument to exclude it.

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