Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New video of Flotilla terrorists

In this video you can clearly see the flotilla terrorists attacking the soldiers with bars, chains, and shock grenades.

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anon said...

How is it that new videos are still coming out?
If the IDF had them they should have been released on day 1.
If the free gaza people had them, then why are they releasing them all.
If the media had them, again why wait, if they want to hide it why release it at all.

JoeSettler said...

This particular video was confiscated from the flotilla terrorists. The IDF is presumable reviewing all the videos from the boat and that takes time.

It's the delay in releasing the internal IDF videos that is a problem.

Anonymous said...

If this happened before the soldiers landed on the ships, why oh why were they unprepared for the violence?

JoeSettler said...

They had strict orders (which they followed) not to use live fire unless their lives were endangered - which is what happened when the flotilla terrorists started to shoot at them with live fire.

Anonymous said...

Funny how unarmed people in international waters defending them selves with sticks against 16 army ships and choppers become the terrorists and those that killed 16 unarmed people are heros

Anonymous said...

Damn! Freedom Flotilla Terrorists forgot to use their stink bombs! Nice pictures of the Freedom Flotilla Terrorists Weapons by the way! I like the way the Israeli lunatics arranged the knives on the kaffayeh - most of which are for cooking and others the Israelis would have used - very artistic and emotion provoking! The only emotion you provoke is disgust and hatred for Israel!

ODannyBoy said...

Once the flotilla nuts stabbed the soldier and shot the guns they became terrorists

Anonymous said...

the activists that attacked the soldiers were not "left-wing", as you imply, extremist Muslims are right wing. It just so happened that there goals overlapped with the many extreme left-wingers on board.

NormanF said...

Wild dogs are still wild dogs. You can be sure Israeli marines won't board the next ship with paintball guns.

Whoever made that decision should be cashiered out of the IDF.

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