Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Infiltrating Israel's Left

What's a Zohan sign doing at a left wing rally in Israel?!

This past Saturday afternoon and evening, Israel's Left held a demonstration protesting Israel's policies in the West Bank/Yehuda-Shomron, the IDF's blockade of Hamas-run Gaza, and the interdiction of the "aid" flotilla to Gaza.

The J-Post reported that thousands attended the rally:
The protestors began their demonstration with a march from Rabin Square to the Tel Aviv museum, where speeches were held. The demonstration, which was held under the slogan "The Government is Drowning Us All", was originally planned solely to protest the occupation, but following last Monday’s deadly raid on a Turkish boat attempting to break the Gaza blockade, the rally also addressed those upset about the government’s policies in regard to the Gaza Strip and the raid that left 9 foreign citizens dead and several IDF soldiers wounded.
What was not reported however, was the infiltration of the demonstration by a large group of Russian Israelis, proudly holding signs in English and Russian, that weren't exactly in the spirit of the planned event.

See for yourself.

These photos and more, all appear on the NEWSru Russian language Israeli website which covered the demonstration. I'm only posting the family friendly,
ones as some of the other signs are on the crude side.

I'm sure Latma appreciates this one :-)

Didn't any of the leftists there read these signs?

"We'll Stab for Peace"
"We'll make the world abandon reason"
"We Believe in blah-blah-blah"
"What the hell am I doing here?"
"Don't mess with the Zohan"

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Anonymous said...

The Russian signs say "Facts? Screw facts!" and "Peace? Yes!"

jonathan becker said...

this is a hysterical and brilliant and gutsy move, although it's not the first time i've seen it done. i wonder why it's davka russians doing it? i hypothesize that the russian israelis are the largest almost purely secular grouping of right wingers in israel and their "secularness" makes it easier to infiltrate a demonstration like this one. the other large group of secular right wingers would be sefardim, who would stand out like a sore thumb in the virtually segregated world of peacenikism. well done russkies!

and, welcome back, jameel. although i feel a bit less safe now with you not in miluim. :)

Anonymous said...

Those signs are great.
I always thought that free speech was overrated, or the right of people to express their views.
If we could infiltrate all of the Left's marches maybe we can shut them dowm, or at least shut them up.
That is, until we can pass a law to stop their protests altogether.
Maybe next time these Russians can drop paint bombs on them.
Screw free speech, I sa

Lurker said...

To the commenter who thinks he's anonymous (@ 5:50 PM):

You're a rather pathetic excuse for a troll. (That goes for your previous comments too.)

Unknown said...

The Russians had the chutzpah to come here when no one else would, to refuse Uganda as a consolation prize, and to hammer away at their government to let them out to come here. They have wit and brass. Thank God we have them.

Anonymous said...

The question is: was the above commenter at the demonstration on motzei shabbis?

Mary Sue Kellerman said...

I agree with the above poster who wrote at length about the Flotilla Holocaust. I have always supported Israel, because I thought that it was my duty as an American so support what I saw as a fledgling democracy. But the massacre of humanitarians caused me to question this assumption, and to look deeper into the issue. What I found shocked me: decades of lies, deceit, and trickery by Israel and its fifth-columnists in the United States. Not only is Israel not a democracy--it's a racist, colonialist, genocidal state, founded on evil. I asked myself: "Mary Sue, what's the root of this evil?" I began to dig deeper and deeper and then I found the answer. The root of the problem was the Jew. I felt like a veil had been lifted and I saw the world anew. I began to notice that all the people in powers of authority in the media were Jews. We have been duped. The Flotilla Holocaust must be our rallying cry. I say: DOWN WITH THE JEW!!! DOWN WITH THE JEW!!! DOWN WITH THE JEW!!! We outnumber him, but he is clever. But we've fought devious enemies before. The Indians were no sissy schoolgirls, but we bested them. The Mexicans tried to steal Texas, but we worsted them. Now the day of reckoning with the Jews is fast approaching. Jew, beware!!! We are on to you!!! No longer will we stand idly by while you massacre innocent people with holocaust after holocaust. DOWN WITH THE JEW!!!

The back of the hill said...

Good lord, Jameel, your blog seems to be attracting some mighty strange fish. Some of the comments above, more than almost anything I've seen in recent weeks, argue in favor of socialized medicine. At least that way they'll get medication they so desperately need.

As for those pictures from the Tel Aviv pro-terror rally, they are frickin' priceless! I'm forwarding the link to some of the San Francisco Russians on our side, as I am certain it will inspire them.

Hi Sasha, Sasha Lev, and Alex!

annie said...

This is too funny for words. And surely the 2 posters above, Jesus and Mary Sue, must be Muqata supporters in disguise, doing their successful best to embarrass trolls everywhere. Because surely there cannot be such ignorant illiterate fools out there who are not too ashamed to post their droolings. No, it must be a clever double-bluff. Well done you two. You've succeeded!

Neshama said...

Just as the "Michael Savage" says:

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

Anonymous said...

Jameel, can I ask you a serious question?
If you were a slightly left of center OJ from the States who wanted to read an Israel blog, but didn't want to read the Muqata anymore, or let's say not as frequently, is there a blog you would most recommend?
I like following Israel, but I think I might fit in better somewhere else.
I'll still read occasionally, but if you could give me advice, it would be appreciated.
This is not a sarcastic comment. I'm asking a sincere question.
Thanks, L

Anonymous said...

Samson Blinded
Atlas Shrugged

jonathan becker said...

samson blinded=smart, though tainted with racism.

atlas shrugged/shrugs whatever=stupid, though having the merit of love of israel.


A Moderate said...

Okay, it seems to me that only extremists are commenting, so I just wanted to give my opinion which I think the majority of people agree with, the silent majority. I am both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian. I support the right of the Palestinians to self-determinism and to be free from occupation and colonization and all forms of oppression. I also support Israel's right to exist. It seems to me that we need to get both sides to sit down at the negotiating table. But this isn't going to happen, because the United States is currently controlled by Zionist elements. What needs to happen is for us to take a good hard look at America. Jews are less than 2 percent of the population and yet they have something like 9 out of 100 senate seats. That hardly seems fair. Also, 2 out of 9 members of the supreme court are jews. And Obama (who is basically Rahm Emanual's puppet (Emanuel is a Jew and an Israeli Zionist)) wants to put a 3rd Jew onto the supreme court. In addition, all of the major media is controlled by Jews. I propose that we need a grass roots movement to limit Jewish participation to a maximum of 2 percent in each industry. This means Jews would still be able to serve in government, but they would be limited to 2 seats in the senate. That is more than fair. Texas has 2 seats in the senate. Certainly Jews don't think they deserve more seats than Texas. California has 2 seats. Do Jews deserve more seats than California? I am currently working on a detailed plan for this, but in short it can be summed up thus: we need to have a frank discussion about the influence of Zionism and Jewism on American culture and politics. The purpose of this frank discussion will be to determine the appropriate amount of influence (about 2 percent) that Jews ought to have, so that other voices can also be heard above the current Jewish din. The illegal occupation of Palestine cannot end until the occupation of Washington ends. Once we have freed our government and media from zionist influences, we will be able to look at the middle east conflict with clear eyes. The Palestinians will acheive the right of return, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and the region will live in peace and harmony, including Israel. This is my view and I believe the view of most normal people, and it's about time we made our voices heard above the extremists like those above who make the outrageous comparison of the flotilla massacre to the Holocaust. Is 9 people equal to several million? I don't think it is. I'm no mathematician, but I don't think that 9 = several million.

Anonymous said...

Esser Agaroth

Anonymous said...

And those Nobel prizes. The Jews are like, you know, 0.2% of the world population, but they win some 180 Nobel prizes. That's not right.
And jeans, lipstick, the ballpoint pen, the TV remote control, lasers, disk on keys, flash memory, Google, Dell, Oracle, E=MC^2, Polio vaccine, psychotherapy, the discovery of America.

Damn those crafty Jews and their disproportionate contributions to Human society.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot vinyl records, hot dog bums and the friggin Pulitzer prize so they can give themselves so many of them.

Kovi said...

so the reason i think the above commentators are real people and not some sad joke as suggested is because i don't think the people who generally read this blog need encouragement to see the anti-semitic left for what it is. The only one i found somewhat disconcerting was "A Moderate"s comment, and I'll explain why: within American society, the idea of everyone being equal means that you can't limit a jew's right to anything based on the fact that they're jewish, because that should not define their status. the same way gender should not, race should not, religion should not, allowing a possible exception for if their religion happens to preach genocide, which ours does not. the only thing that should define them is their american citizenship. by trying to label them as a foreign entity who's influence must be checked, you're stripping them of their citizenship, something you have no right to do. That's like turning down someone's college application despite their merits because they exceed the quota of their race allowed per semester (oh wait, we do that too in america, i think we call it affirmative action or something...); well between jew hating and general bigoted ignorants, we evidently still have some things to learn stateside about what equality actually means.

Kovi said...

oh, you can read genocide = jihad there. not that I think people who believe in actively pursuing through war and terrorism the murder of every man woman and child on the planet who doesn't believe what they say should have less influence over american policy than anyone else.

Kovi said...

You know Einstein was German, right? he came to America to escape the holocaust? he didn't invent the bomb?
what you lack in even cursory historical background, you certainly make up for with your AIDS fixation. somebody probably should've had the STD talk with u before you made whatever mistake has led to your becoming such a bitter and disgruntled individual.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way E = mc^2 is wrong and einstein was too dumb to see it
he squared both sides in the final step of the equation and didn't realize the simple math that it's e equals plus-or-minus mc squared. He could have discovered antimatter if he wasn't too dumb to do basic math. I have PHD in physics so i know all about Einstein, the overated phyisicist most of all the physicists. He didn't even know that science proves there's no god. He said "God doesn't play dice," but few people know the context. Here's the context. Einstein said:
"I like to play dice. I like to gamble away all my money. I like to drink and have sex with men. But God doesn't play dice. He's too busy watching over the Jews. That's right, he kills our enemies just like in the bible, and pretty soon we're gonna kill the Palestinians and commit the worst crime in the history of humanity, the naqba."
That's what he said. Yes, I know, it's a paraphrase, so dont bothter pointing it out, but the point is that he was a racist jewish bolshevik fascist. Worst of all, he was a zionist. If you Jews really want to do tshuva, why don't you leave all of Palestine including occupied tel aviv and haifa and go back to poland. There's plenty of land there and you can build houses or go stay in the barracks of the concentration camps while you're waiting for the houses to be completed. I've seen the concentration camps. They keep them in good shape. As a "memorial" but it can also be a halfway house of sorts. At the very least, you should apologize to the world for all the horrible things you have done and continue to do.

Leah Goodman said...

wow. there's a lot of venom out there. And a lot of people who are seriously clueless about history and current events.

"We are peaceful travelers, with guns and our own knives...the truth will never find its way to your tv."

Proud Israeli Citizen said...

What is the ZOHAN?

Proud Israeli Citizen said...

A7 quoted you:

Kovi said...

well, mr. PHD physics, you're right. I can't believe I just made a fool of myself online in front of millions of people. I still gotta say though, you're coming off as very defensive about the whole STD thing.
And I know you don't have a PHD in physics, because my great uncle is a physicist (an Israeli one) and I happen to know that to get that degree, at some point they make you take a history course.

annie said...

Anonymous has got to be a double-bluffing Muqata supporter. It's too funny otherwise. His drooling antisemitic filth is something that can't be found outside Der Sturmer.

This "brilliant" person claims that Einstein discovered E=MC^2 and thereby kept the nuclear bomb a secret; and in the next comment he says that E=M^2 is a mistake. Well, if it's a mistake, then Einstein couldn't have invented the nuclear bomb could he? Oh, I forgot. Mr. Anonymous has a PhD in physics, so he knows everything. Although he hasn't learnt how to punctuate or to write a grammatical sentence, not to mention coherent syntax.

As for the Jews leaving Israel and going back to Poland - why should I go "back" to Poland if I've never been there, and nor have my family? Should my cousin go back to Poland if his family comes from Iran? Or my other cousin go to since his family comes from Iraq?

You're an outright Jew-hater. Anti-Semitism is you.

Unless you're really a double-bluffer out to embarrass the trolls.

Anonymous said...

It's either Helen Thomas or one an ISM leader.

Anonymous said... i get the joke

its a take on the supposed moderates who say they support israel's right to secure borders but in fact are straight out racists

im not very good sometimes at parody

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous / L said...

Jameel, can I ask you a serious question?
If you were a slightly left of center OJ from the States who wanted to read an Israel blog, but didn't want to read the Muqata anymore, or let's say not as frequently, is there a blog you would most recommend?
I like following Israel, but I think I might fit in better somewhere else.

Hi L -

Thanks for your question and comment (and I also sincerely mean that).

To be fair, I'd appreciate if you drop me an email (even an anonymous email account) so I could ask you a few questions to help direct you, as well as to help me understand your request.

I dont know if a comment thread here is the best place to discuss this.

Thanks in advance!



Anonymous said...

The mistake that Einstein made was that there are 2 solutions to the equation:
E = mc^2 and E = -mc^2
He found the first part of the equation, so it "worked" and was able to be applied. But if he had done his math correctly, he would have realized the existence of antimatter decades before others discovered it. But his mistake does not affect the truth of e equals mc squared, so this partial answer was able to lead to the development of the nuclear bomb, a bomb which could have been discovered decades earlier, but Einstein at the time was a pacifist. It didn't bother him that tens of millions of innocent people died in WWI, while Zionist financiers sat back and grew fat while both sides fought to make them richer. It wasn't until WWII when Jews started to be affected by the war that Einstein abandonded his pacifism. And the same is true today. American Jews are overwhelmingly pacifistic when it comes to the Iraq war and few will ever join the USA military, but when Jewish lives are involved, suddenly they lose their pacifism, and support Israeli militarism against the Palestinian people.

annie said...

Anonymous, you make no sense whatsoever. I'm finished replying to you because you twist everything round upside down and sideways to suit your bigotry.

Rant away and leave your prejudice visible for all to see and beware. You and your ilk are the types who make it so necessary for the Jews to have a homeland in Israel, and for Israelis to make darn sure that their homeland stays strong. You've defeated your own purpose. Well done.

Anonymous said...

How do I send you an anonymous email? I'd be happy to chat.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

L: Open a gmail account and email to muqata @

Shabbat shalom.

Kovi said...

Well anonymous, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're not just making this stuff up as you go. You've certainly done your homework, wow! I would love for you to put up your sources for all these historical facts so I too could examine the material and become better informed of the jew's history of cowardice and betrayal.

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