Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shavua HaSefer: National book week, for people of the book

Just the other night, my wife said it would be a good idea to take the kids to the "Shavua HaSefer" nation-wide book week fair, at our nearest local city. Every minor city in Israel has offerings of books for all ages, and all topics, and I plan on taking my kids tomorrow.

I received the following on the same subject:

Former Gush Katif Resident Turns Shipping Container into Book Store

This week celebrates Hebrew Book Week, where many towns and cities in Israel host discounted book fairs and events celebrating new publications.

Ein Tzurim, a religious kibbutz that opened its doors to many families from Gush Katif, is also celebrating Hebrew Book Week …in a shipping container. Why a shipping container, you ask? Here's the story:

Many of the former residents from Gush Katif who now live in temporary caravillas in Ein Tzurim have large shipping containers sitting next to their homes. These containers hold their life's belongings that don't fit into the tiny caravillas. These belongings once decorated their spacious homes in Gush Katif.

Moshe and Etti Shalva, formerly of Neve Dekalim, decided to turn their shipping container into a business. With assistance from JobKatif, the Shalvas, parents of 12 (!), have re-opened Shalva's Book Store in their shipping container. They plan on launching a real store once again when they move into permanent housing in Israel's Lachish region.

For those of you in Israel, please come down to Ein Tzurim for Hebrew Book Week & support the Shalva Book Store. As you can imagine, the numbers are pretty limited just in the kibbutz alone, so a trip to Ein Tzurim will be values added this week when you make a purchase at the Shalva's book store. Anita Tucker has offered to show guests around the caravilla community & update you on their building plans. She can be contacted through www.netzerhazani. org.

To help JobKatif continue to assist more former business owners from Gush Katif, donate today at ! Your donation will be matched by the Israeli government!

Disengagement Shipping Container Now a Book Store.

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