Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Go back to Auschwitz"

by Lurker

For those who are still uncertain regarding the precise nature of the "peaceful humanitarian activists" who populated the flotilla, here are a couple of videos that should help make things clear:

In the following video, the IDF warns a ship in the flotilla against entering the blockade zone. Make sure to listen to the peaceful humanitarian reply given by the flotilla leaders.

The flotilla was organized primarily by two organizations, "Free Gaza" and the Turkish group IHH. Of the two, the IHH is the larger, and contributed the largest of the ships and the most passengers. The IHH is a radical antisemitic, anti-American Islamic Jihadist organization, that maintains ties with Hamas, Al Qaeda, and several other terrorist groups. Here's a brief summary.

Here is video of a speech given last year in Gaza by the chairman of the IHH. Listen to as much as you can stomach, and bear in mind that you are listening to the head of the single largest group that organized the flotilla.

It's not difficult to grasp what motivates people affiliated with such an organization.

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yitz said...


are you kidding? or did you really not notice that this isn't an actual recording of the actual response of the flotilla?


Lurker said...

yitz..: are you kidding? or did you really not notice that this isn't an actual recording of the actual response of the flotilla?

No sir, I am not kidding at all. What would possibly make you say such a thing? What is your basis for this charge? Are you trying to imply that the IDF released a fake tape??

This is an actual recording of the actual radio communication beween the IDF and the flotilla, albeit with the long periods of silence and inaudible comments edited out. See here for details. You can listen to the entire, unedited tape here.

Jenny said...

i can't believe you guys aren't all over this-

Rabbi Michael Tzadok said...

While you guys are on the subject of go back to somewhere, you should check this out.

Anonymous said...

there is a problem with this audio

seems that there is alot of bleed over from other channels

while i recognize the voice of the head of the ism, it is possible that the other voices come from people not on the flotilla

this was noted on a separate release

Anonymous said...

oh...and lgf is great at catching photo frauds

Lurker said...

The only issue of uncertainty is whether the transmission came from the Mavi Marmara or one of the other ships in the flotilla. There is no doubt, however, that it did come from one of the ships (which is the point). Nobody else was in range. See here.

To jump from this to Yitz's bizarre claim that "this isn't an actual recording of the actual response of the flotilla" is baseless and ridiculous.

yitz said...


I stand corrected. At the time I didn't see this was an official idf release.

But my initial reaction is the reaction most web-literate people who saw this video without noticing the source (or without knowing idfnadesk was an official channel of the idf) it doesn't sound real. it sounds like people mocking an actual transmission using faked/funny voices.

IMHO this recording, without a link to the full uncut recording is not very believable, anyone who might think the idf would "doctor" some footage/audio, (or didn't know this was sourced with the idf) would easily (and incorrectly) jump (as i did) to the conclusion that this isn't authentic.

sorry for what seemed like a flame, it was unintentional -- it honestly didn't sound even remotely authentic to me.


ps. i think this does an excellent job of highlighting just how difficult the idf's job is re: hasbara.

Anonymous said...

so if the idf found real weaponry why didn't they publicize it sooner:

it was in the same stash where they found the trunk with a million Euros that was publicized early last week.

JoeSettler said...

I believe that is an old video from a previous blockade runner.

Ruth and Chaim said...

@anonymous - that is a video from 2009

Anonymous said...

free gaza is an arm of the ism

members of ism all take part in free gaza

in regards to the still concerned about it, as the quality changes frequently

and in the original transmission, that accompanied the vid (not just showing a pic) you can hear a male voice say, "no, no, we are going to gaza..." and then the vid ends

not denying that the tape is authentic...but is it possible that it was cleaned up?

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