Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CNN knows (and loves) their Teargas

Wonderfully amusing CNN video came out today about teargas in Tunisia.

It's not a story about the Tunisian riots, but more about the CNN staff's experience with teargas.

In the story the reporters are joking about the tear gas, they're describing its effects. There going back into the the clouds of it. They actually seem to be enjoying themselves overall.

In the video you see people coming out of massive clouds of teargas.

No one dies of course from the tear gas, just like no one died in Bil'in despite what the Useful Twittiots still like to claim.

And speaking of Bil'in, we'll have some new and interesting news for you hopefully soon as the army has just completed its investigation and determined that what's her name, oh yeah, Abu Rahma, died from being treated with the wrong medication (overdose of Atropine) in the hospital, and that she was indoors, not near the demonstration.

But more on Bil'in and their Useful Twittiots another time.

My favorite line in the video was:

(4:35) "Barry, Ben and Mary have been gassed enough to talk about the difference betwen the tear gas in Tunisia versus let's say the West Bank and Gaza. Having savored the West Bank style I can tell you that it's very choking, but theirs [Tunis] sound particularly nasty."

There you have it. CNN declares that Israeli tear gas is not the worst in the world.

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Useful Twittiot said...

There you have it. CNN declares that Israeli tear gas is not the worst in the world.

CNN Lies.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it takes a while to uncover the truth when the Arabs are busy trying to cover it up. What are you so up in arms about against the Israeli army? They were clear that until this point they were investigating the death and this is what the the facts where implying at each point during the investigation. The newspapers say now the investigation is finished and these are their final conclusions. They still say she was possibly being treated for cancer. Maybe if the Arabs had cooperated with the investigation it would have gone quicker. And how do you explain she died when she was so far from the gas, in the open air, and everyone else right in the middle of the gas survived without a problem? Did she have some unique physiology or health condition that made her uniquely susceptible to small amounts of the gas that the rest of the world has no problem surviving?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there was something limited to her immediate environment making her sick, explaining why she was previously in the hospital, and why the doctors couldn't identify what what making her ill, including losing her balance and the skin discolorations. One theory is that she was subject to large quantities of pesticides inside her house, which explains why the doctors decided to treat her with atropine.

Certainly atropine is not used for tear gas. Unless there was severe incompetence on the part of the doctors, they probably treated her for the symptoms she suffered and what they perhaps already suspected she had: pesticide poisoning

Did the family of this single 36 year old woman (and mother?) poison her in an honor killing?

Anonymous said...

Jerry take it to JPost they published the story - call them gullible.

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