Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Arab Lies in the NY Times

In a Counter-Point Opinion piece in the NY Times, the NY Times features the opinions from 3 viewpoints on the MiddleEast. The "Arab" opinion is presented by longtime stringer for the NY Times, Daoud Kuttab, who is bylined as "a Palestinian journalist." (Obviously, the Huffington Post loves him as well)

Kuttab goes to bat for PA President Mahmoud Abbas, explaining what a great guy he is.
The funniest lie of all is the following:

"Palestine television, which falls under the president’s powers, was totally revamped and cleaned of anti-Israeli incitement."

Cleaned of anti-Israeli incitement? Only if you don't count the Arabic broadcasts on Palestine TV.

Here's an example of their "cleansed" programming from only a few days ago.

More examples can be found here at the Elder of Zion.

Remember: Just because it's in the NY Times doesn't make it true.

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