Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scoop: President Mubarak's son and family flee Egypt

Scoop: Gamal Mubarak, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's son who is widely tipped as his successor, has fled to London with his family, Arabic website Akhbar al-Arab said on Tuesday. (source)

Israeli and Western media are trying to downplay the threat of the riots in Egypt, and this morning on IDF radio, Labor party senior member, Fuad Ben-Eliezer spoke about his good friend, President Mubarak, and how he can't imagine that the riots would threaten the stability of the current regime. You have to wonder why Fuad is such "good friends" with a corrupt leader.

More on the riots in Egypt, Lebanon, and the PA later today.

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NormanF said...

If the Islamists take over, the Egyptian Israeli peace agreement will go down. And Israel will face a front to the south as well to the north. Ditto for the east if riots lead to the overthrow of the Hashemite regime in Jordan.

Chris Taus said...

People are consistently critiquing the Arab world for being too complacent about the dictators which oppress them. They are finally revolting and rather than being met with support, they are met with cynicism, condescension, and accusations about crushing Christians and Jews. NO one points out that just a few weeks earlier Muslims in Egypt were acting as human shields against the bombing of churches. NO wonder the arab world has is so suspicious of outsiders, because no matter what they do, they are branded as extremists. Egyptians want freedom, and Mubarek is not a secularist, he is just a brutal dictator who would crush any and all forms of opposition, religious or secular

JoeSettler said...

On the contrary, we would love for democracy to flourish in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world. But the odds are against it.

The two most likely scenarios for any Arab(/Islamic) country is that eventually either the military or the Islamists take over, and either way they end up with some sort of brutal dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

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