Friday, January 28, 2011

Pallywood - The Rocky Palestinian Terrorist Show

So the Arabs have been claiming that Settlers (multiple) marched into their town and shot and killed an innocent Palestinian "boy" from the town of Arak Burin.

But after the fraud of Jawaher Abu Rahme of Bil'in was exposed, the press isn't going all vigilante and taking the Palestinians at their word and blowing up the story into something it wasn't.

And it's a good thing they didn't, because the police have uncovered so many interesting details that the Arabs didn't want anyone to know about their blood libel.

What the police have uncovered is as follows:

The 19 year old man who was killed by a civilian, wasn't innocent.

The man and his gang had surrounded and attacked a pedestrian walking near Yitzhar, stoning the victim with rocks.

Omer Maher Qadous (or alternatively Udai Maher Qadous) then approached the man with a stone in hand to apparently smash him with it at close range.

The civilian, who's identity is still unknown, then tried to push the Palestinian terrorist away and shot in the air.

Only when he failed to stop the approaching attacker, did the man then shoot this Palestinian terrorist with one shot.

How do the police know what happened

First of all, one of the Palestinian attackers talked.

Unfortunately for the Left, the second is that there was an IDF security camera in the area that got the whole thing on film. (Sorry, no new fake martyr for you today).

Hooray for Pallywood.


Blood libel
: Arabs claiming rampaging settlers shot and wounded two innocent Palestinians (killing one).

Truth: An organized group of Jewish hikers near Bat Ayin (Gush Etzion) were stoned and shot at, and then the tour groups security guards fired back at the source of the attack killing one of the terrorists and wounding the other.

Background: Two nights ago shooting was reported on Highway 60 at "Tzomet HaGush" junction in Gush Etzion.

Also, 8 members of a 13 member Palestinian Terrorist cell from the Bethlehem area were captured. The cell was responsible for killing 2 tourists who were hiking and wounding others.

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Anonymous said...

There's a lot of very uncritical "reporting" happening over at that site.

Next thing you know their "reporters" will be robotically rewteeting nonsense like the IDF was shooting rubber bullets at children inside houses in Biliin.

JoeSettler said...

Regarding the link to the story you just posted. group of people were hiking when they were attacked by Palestinian terrorists who shot at them.

The hikers shot back at the terrorists.

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